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Alfredo Adam's first statements after leaving the House of Celebrities

Alfredo Adam's first statements after leaving the House of Celebrities

no Lobello no Maribelli no Christina. Alfredo Adami This Monday became the ninth to be eliminated from the successful fourth season Reality show The famous house (Telemundo).

“Minutes before I leave, I reconsider and wonder what I did wrong. I take it that I have done nothing wrong, committed no capital sin, and have not abused, insulted, defamed or humiliated any woman, and, well, I feel like it's all 'This is the result of a person He planted me from day one and was insulting me, abusing me and harassing me,” announced the Mexican actor immediately after leaving the most famous house on Spanish television.

The 65-year-old translator did not hesitate to call Lupillo Rivera “False prophet” and “circus clown”. “The least reliable is Lobelo, he is a false prophet who uses 4 people who allow themselves to be manipulated and are his puppets and puppets, and at his whim he maneuvers and manipulates them to create, as he puts it, a strategy to manipulate them.” He said: Take the people out.. “What they do not know is that their false prophet will not hesitate to eliminate them when he needs to.”

Adam added: “What is sad about Lobelo is that after becoming a successful singer and earning a lot of money, he ended up working as a clown in the circus.”

Alfredo Adami.

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As he had already done inside the house, the previous resident The famous house He showed his support for Maribelli. “Maribelli's decision to leave Fourth Earth was simply because they were betraying her and Lobelo had already brought her in… Lobello saw in her a very strong competitor who brought a lot of power and the only thing he could think of was not to compete but to deal with it the hard way,” she explained. They hatched a conspiracy there and called her a traitor while we all know that she did not betray them, but rather them.”

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Doesn't take anything The famous house

The former soap star has stated that he takes “absolutely nothing” from him The famous house. “I am a cultured person, prepared with general knowledge, with three degrees and in good health, I have never been able to talk; the only person with whom I could talk about something interesting was with BronkaShe is a prepared person and we are in almost the same environment, she is on the radio and I am on television. With everyone, it was all about talking about brands, talking about bullshit, vanity, pettiness, basically nothing about anything that could enrich me.

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