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Alejandro Toledo: California judge rejects former president's request not to hand over Peru to RMMN |  Politics

Alejandro Toledo: California judge rejects former president’s request not to hand over Peru to RMMN | Politics

The California judge rejected the former president’s request So he was not deported to Peru. At the same time, the High Court is considering one of his appeals to remain in the United States.

Judge Laurel Peeler Ordered for temporary relief: Toledo should not be deported for at least seven days so he has time to petition the Court of Appeals to allow him to stay in the United States.

The petitioner’s request that the appeal against his habeas corpus denial order not be granted is pending, but the petitioner’s other request for temporary stay is granted. “ Said the magistrate.

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Toledo has been accused of accepting bribes of about $ 35 million to build a highway between Brazil and Peru. Peruvian prosecutors have charged him with conspiracy and money laundering and his country has been trying to deport him since 2018. Former President He was detained in the United States in 2019 as a result of that request.

On April 22, Judge Peeler dismissed Toledo’s appeal, concluding the case with evidence that he had surrendered to a court order. The former president (2001-2006) then asked the court to suspend his exports to Peru pending an appeal.

The handover was certified by another California judge in September 2021, Thomas HicksonBut Toledo issued a habeas corpus a month later to prolong the handover process.

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At his request, the former president argued that the extradition treaty between the United States and Peru could not be used in his case because Peru had not formally charged him or provided documents with specific charges under the agreement. He said there was no reason to believe he had committed the alleged crimes. The judge rejected their claims.

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The motion, which was approved by the judge on Monday, is not related to the habeas corpus appeal and should be filed separately in the Court of Appeal.

If you do, the Court of Appeals will decide. But if Toledo does not submit that request, he may be deported after the expiration of the seven-day period granted by the judge.

The State Department is responsible for enforcing the assignments and can do so even as long as the appeals are pending, as long as there is an order from a judge approving the assignment.

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Toledo admitted that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht paid at least US $ 34 million in bribes and received a portion of it. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Israeli businessman Joseph Maimon.

According to Toledo, Maimon would have received false money on his behalf.