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Alejandro Fernandez's granddaughter, Caetana, was christened this weekend in a luxurious ceremony

Alejandro Fernandez’s granddaughter, Caetana, was christened this weekend in a luxurious ceremony

(Photo: Instagram / @alexoficial)

The Vicente Fernandez family, who has been hospitalized since August of this year in Guadalajara, Jalisco, This weekend marked the baptism of Caetana, daughter of Camila Fernandez and granddaughter of Alejandro Fernandez.

As stated in the Instagram account that specializes in offers Chamonic3, The ceremony was attended by relatives and close friends of the family as well as Carla Laviaga, Who is the romantic partner of “El Potrillo”, also known as Alejandro.

religious celebration In the municipality of Zapopan in the city of Guadalajara. According to what was seen in the celebration video, Kaytana appeared on a pony accompanied by her grandfather who was very happy.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

On the other hand, Regarding the possibility of Chente spending the holidays with his family after his discharge, Vicente Fernandez Jr. broke the silence and dismissed the speculation.

Vicente Fernandez Jr. denied it Vicente Fernandez I already have an approximate date of my discharge from hospital contrary to what was speculated a few weeks ago. The singer’s son confirmed that the decision will depend on the doctors, and said that his father continues to improve.

A few weeks ago it appeared that a singer here between us He can leave the hospital in December to spend Christmas with his family. However, Vicente Fernández Jr. That there is still no approximate date for his father to be able to move into the house and continue his own care from an air-conditioned room.

Photo: Instagram / @alexoficial
Photo: Instagram / @alexoficial

Dates and times set by God, determined by doctors and progressAdvertiser in front of cameras Today.

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Vicente Fernandez has been hospitalized in Guadalajara, Jalisco since last August. The famous interpreter of Mexican regional music continues to rehabilitate after suffering a staggering fall and discovering Guillen-Barré Syndrome, a condition that crippled his movement.

According to the latest press release issued by the Fernandez family via the singer’s official Instagram account, his health is progressing significantly thanks to his efforts and the multidisciplinary care he receives. In addition, it was revealed that he can actually go for longer periods without respiratory support.

“It was possible to disengage from mechanical ventilation (removing the breathing apparatus completely) at intervals of up to 1 hour and It increases the effort of your lungs to produce pronunciationIt is part of the pulmonary rehabilitation process,” the medical report reads.

(Photo: Instagram / @camifdzoficial)
(Photo: Instagram / @camifdzoficial)

It was also reported that Vicente Fernandez’s health continues to progress slowly but surely., stays awake during the day and has greater interaction with both medical personnel and family members.

Although Vicente Fernandez Jr confirmed that it is not yet known when his father will leave hospital, the 81-year-old singer is expected to have a favorable recovery in the coming weeks and he will soon be able to return to his farm. The three foals.

Meanwhile, relatives were monitoring the singer’s health. her granddaughter Camila Fernandez He was one of them and He revealed some details about their meeting with Sunrise. The daughter of Alejandro Fernandez and America Jenart admitted that she was able to see how her grandfather was actually able to move certain parts of his body.

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