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Alberto Fujimori joins the Popular Front party: The party does not rule out his candidacy for the presidency

Alberto Fujimori joins the Popular Front party: The party does not rule out his candidacy for the presidency

The former president returns to political life as a member of the Popular Power Party. | Alberto Fujimori

Will Alberto Fujimori take over the presidency? Through video on s, declared the former president Belonging to the Popular Forza PartyOn the cusp of the 2026 general elections “Good news for Fujimori. His daughter, Keiko Fujimori, wrote: “On Saturday the 15th, my father signed his Forza Popular membership form.”

In conversation with channel n, Congressman Alejandro Aguinaga did not rule out the idea that Convicted of the massacres of Barrios Altos and La Cantota Running for president. “Your priority is your health, […] But you cannot prevent his right to run or participate in politics.”

Although no official candidates have been confirmed yet, according to a poll he conducted Ipsos to America TVThe former head of state is considered a better candidate than his daughter, founder of the Orange Party. However, 73% of the population believe that the former president “does not have the right” to participate in the upcoming elections. this The negative perception is highlighted in the interior areas of the country, Where 78% of participants expressed their rejection, compared to 65% in Lima.

Alberto Fujimori membership card

As reported, on December 7, 2023, Alberto Fujimori Fujimori, 85 years old, left Barbadillo Prison in Ati after completing administrative procedures at the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE).

This came two days after the Constitutional Court accepted the reconsideration and ordered the “direct and immediate implementation” of the ruling issued on March 12, 2022, which restored the humanitarian amnesty granted to the former president in 2017 and ordered his release.

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The party’s spokesman, Miguel Torres, confirmed that although his registration does not announce the former president’s candidacy, it does He did not rule that out. He announced that as a group, They will eventually support the presidential campaign, and their daughter, leader Keiko Fujimori, will be “the happiest.”

He added: “The issue of candidacy will be determined in the future.” First, it is a very personal decision for former President Fujimori. If he makes a decision, we will be happiest to support, as a party, a final nomination, but today is not the beginning. The nomination is not defended, but rather the homecoming of the founding leader of Fujimuriya is celebrated. […] The happiest of all is Keiko Fujimori herself, but this is a scenario we should not expect yet, as the president, above all, at the moment, is regaining his health as a primary and immediate agenda.” .

The party spokesman indicated the possibility of nominating the former president. | Channel n

In statements to another outletLuis Gallarita He confirmed that if Alberto Fujimori decides to run in the 2026 elections, Keiko Fujimori will be his campaign manager. “We will not have this dilemma. If he wants to run, Keiko Fujimori will be his campaign manager anyway and she will be the happiest person in this situation. But today we are talking about registering the leader of Fujimori,” he said on the program “Informamos y Opinamos.”

The deadline to register in a political party and run for office in the 2026 general elections ends on July 12, 2024, so everything indicates that the former face will seek to run. Fujimori Fujimori’s lawyer Elio RieraHe expressed that his client is qualified, despite being sentenced to 25 years in prison. According to Riera, the criminal proceedings faced in the Patevelca case do not represent a legal obstacle to Fujimori’s possible candidacy.

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“Although this is true, I read the law carefully and it refers to the fact that there should not be a conviction, the possibility of accessing a birthright as such was left aside, and this is what we are appealing, because the pardon restored the rights to the president,” he explained in an interview with 24 Hour, that under these circumstances of restoration of rights, it is appropriate to be granted those benefits protected by law.

The lawyer representing him in the case against him in the Patefelka case confirmed that he hopes the Fujimori leader will aspire to the presidency again. (24 hours)

It is worth noting that Point 7 of Law 30717 It stipulates that those who “because of their status as officials, have been sentenced to imprisonment, valid or suspended, with a sentence agreed or executed, for the commission of an intentional crime, cannot apply for the Presidency or the Vice-Presidents.” “

In Section J of this same article, emphasis is placed on this prohibition for persons convicted of crimes of collusion, embezzlement, or intentional corruption of employees, and it is indicated that this impediment remains “even if they are restored to their reputation.”

Criminal lawyer Andy Carreon Explain to Overview That pardon is permitted The freedom of the convict, while maintaining his status as a convict.

Added to this is merging Article 34-A of the Political Constitution, In 2020, which states that “persons who have been previously convicted as perpetrators or accomplices of an intentional crime are prohibited from running for elected office.”

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In fact, the The National Election Jury (JNE) ruled out Vladimir Ceron’s candidacy In the presidential plan of Peru Libre because Violation of the aforementioned articleswith a suspended sentence of four years, on charges of incompatible negotiation.