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Alberto Fujimori is in the ICU after suffering a broken hip, Keiko Fujimori reports his fall | Policy

  • Alberto Fujimori’s defense will file an appeal against the decision of the Chilean justice
  • Alberto Fujimori: Chile allows him to stand trial for 5 new crimes

Popular Forces Party leader Keiko Fujimori reported on her social media that her father, former President Alberto Fujimori, is in the intensive care unit after suffering a fall in his room in the early hours of Tuesday morning. This Wednesday, June 26th.

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Through her official account “X” (formerly Twitter), Keiko Fujimori indicated that her father is present the Delgado Clinic in Miraflores areaAnd displays a Hip fractureSo doctors continue to do tests.

“In the early hours of the morning, my father collapsed in his room. We took him to the Delgado Clinic for Care and Evaluation. The first scans show a hip fractureHe added: “He is currently in the intensive care unit and we are waiting for the results of all the tests conducted by the doctors.” FP leader wrote.

A few days ago, Keiko Fujimori reported that her 85-year-old father has officially joined Forza Popular. “Great news for all Fujimori. On Saturday the 15th, my father signed his membership form for the Popular Power Party,” he announced on the social media network “X.”

On the other hand, Alberto Fujimori’s lawyer, Elio Riera, announced this week that he will file a lawsuit against him. Challenge call in Chile Cancellation of the order extending the extradition of the former president in five cases related to him Crimes against humanity, including forced sterilizations.

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We will initiate the necessary means of appeal in Chile so that we can overturn the ruling of the lower court. The Chilean judiciary did not take into account that the former president had obtained a pardon and had the right to pardon“, He said.

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