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Alaska Airlines pilot says he took ‘magic mushrooms’ before incident

Alaska Airlines pilot says he took ‘magic mushrooms’ before incident

(CNN) — Pilot out of commission Alaska Airlines The man accused of trying to shut down the plane’s engine in midair told police he was dreaming and had consumed “magic mushrooms” 48 hours before the incident, according to state court records obtained by CNN.

Joseph Emerson “stated that he consumed ‘magic mushrooms’ approximately 48 hours before the incident on the plane,” according to an affidavit filed by prosecutors. He told investigators he had been awake for the past 40 hours, according to another federal court document.

The document was provided to CNN by a source and was not immediately accessible by the court or the district attorney’s office.

According to state court records, Emerson told police he was dreaming and believed pulling the handles of the fire suppression system that shut off the plane’s engines would “wake him up.”

“Emerson reiterated that he was trying to wake up and didn’t feel ‘it was real,’ even though it felt real now,” the document says.

The state court document parallels the description of events provided Tuesday in a federal court filing. It describes a confrontation in the cockpit, where Emerson was riding in a jump seat, which is allowed for off-duty pilots.

When Emerson reached the fire control room, one of the pilots “grabbed Emerson by the wrist. [el otro piloto] They struggled with Emerson for a few seconds before Emerson stopped the plane and said he was fine,” the document states. “Emerson was unable to lower the handles before the pilots intervened.”

State court documents said Emerson had suffered from depression for six years and a friend had recently died. Federal court documents said he suffered from depression for six months.

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