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“Al Torito announces the cessation of theaters and politics due to the medical recommendation” |  Daily menu

“Al Torito announces the cessation of theaters and politics due to the medical recommendation” | Daily menu

Singer and Provincial Senator Monsignor Noel, Hector Acosta the BullThis Sunday, he announced a temporary pause from theater and politics to deal with it Health problems Which requires immediate medical attention.

Through a press release, Acosta reported that on December 5, A.J Change the right side of the neck Which turned out to be an enlarged lymph node, and after several studies, the doctors decided that he should undergo surgery Tonsil surgery A biopsy is performed to rule out any abnormalities.

“The knot could be the result of tonsillitis, and it is more variable than normal. Although I don't like the idea, health is the most important thing for me. If the surgical procedure is the medical recommendation, so will it,” the artist emphasized.

The singer who this morning musically opened the national launch of the municipal campaign for Modern Revolutionary Party (BRM(At the Virgilio Travieso Soto Sports Palace, he said that despite the discomfort he experiences in his neck and tonsils, he decided to respond to the request of his friend, the mayor of La Vega, Kelvin Cruz, even though his emotional and physical conditions are not the most optimal.

“We did this activity with a lot of respect, with a lot of love, as we always do, but starting today I will not go on stage again until the doctors tell me I can do it. I deserve to take better care of myself, and take the rest that I didn’t I get it ever since I started this profession, and to take care of my health so that I can continue to bring happiness to all of you, with my music and with the same respect as always, the Dominican people and to all the Hispanics who follow my path.

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Regarding his return to the stage, he said that he does not know when that will be, because “that will be determined by the tests, results, and doctors, so I ask my fans, the press, and the entire country to grant me.” The opportunity to address this issue with the responsibility it deserves. I am a man of faith I know that God, as always, will accompany me in this process until the end.