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After a tough divorce and 13 years at TV Azteca, Televisa executives leave the famous actress unemployed

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Mexico City. – It was revealed that a famous actress will experience difficult moments in her career because after working for her 13 years employment Azteca TV And back to TelevisaNow he was going to lose his job and start doing it to survive.

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It’s about the great Mexican artist Geraldine Bazin, who started working on San ngel TV series like The heart of an adventurer And Maria from the neighborhood Since I was a girl.

Already in his youthful stage, the ex-wife of the Mexican gentleman Gabriel Soto He joined Ajusco and it was his first project there Catalina and Sebastian, then did As in the movies, love is priceless, under the reins of love, Judas’ wife, among several others. also worked on Telemundo With projects like False Identidad.

In 2018, Bazán finally returned to Televisa to perform For love without lawHowever, he has not been offered another melodrama since then. YouTube channel Chakalio It was recently revealed that at San ngel they supposedly no longer plan to give the actress a job.

The past few years haven’t been the best for Geraldine Bazan in terms of her career and now Televisa no longer wants to know anything about herThey explained.

The aforementioned portal confirms that Geraldine was going to make the decision to try her luck in another business by losing her job at the most important TV stations in Mexico, and therefore decided to join the new platform as a partner. PopVision Where it will also be a product.

He will also lead and act on some projects and intends to give Netflix a bell style and aspires to have his shows within the streaming giant…Hopefully, the victory will now be overwhelming in Mexico and the United States,” they added.

Source: TVNotas, Chacaleo, Wikipedia

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