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Adriana Diaz after the defeat: "It was not the result I expected today" |  Sports

Adriana Diaz after the defeat: “It was not the result I expected today” | Sports

Tokyo, Japan – With a broken voice, Adriana Diaz could not hide the disappointment and frustration at the loss.

The Puerto Rican star was eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics by falling into the table tennis round of 16 on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old Diaz surrendered to the veteran singer of Chinese descent, Jia Liu, of Austria, 4-0, in a duel held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Hall, in the capital, Tokyo.

The particles were 11-9, 11-4, 11-9, 11-9.

“I think she played well. On the mental side I think it can be improved. It wasn’t the result I expected today, but I tried until the end,” Diaz said, frustrated in the mixed zone.

The flag bearer of the Puerto Rican delegation looked uneasy from the start of the match.

Leo, 39, in her sixth Olympics, held steady in her attack throughout the match and as Adriana approached the scoreboard she thwarted any attempt from Puerto Rico.

“I’ve played for many years and many other years of experience, but that’s obviously not an excuse, I thought I could win and felt I had everything to win,” Diaz said.

She was the reigning American champion at her second Olympics and was the ninth seed in the tournament.

Ottawadenya said she is leaving Tokyo with some learning.

“Like everything, if you lose, gain experience. I think at the end of these things one learns and makes it better in the future. So, nothing, keep going.

Diaz, like his coach and father, Bladimir Diaz, has always emphasized that the defining moment of his career will be at the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

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The Central American and North American medalist admitted that “they were very difficult days”.

I think that in Paris 2024 I will be at the peak of my career. People probably expect a lot from me and obviously I have to put up with that pressure, and I think it’s normal. Next time I will try not to leave him defeated.”

After Tokyo, Diaz indicated there are several tournaments on the agenda, but he will take a break first before returning to the field.

The Puerto Rican spent five months training in China for these Olympics.

Finally, Diaz sent a message to the people of Puerto Rico:

“Thank you very much. I know they have been very supportive of me and the whole delegation. It just remains that they are steadfast with us. Obviously it is not easy. But just as they support us in victories, they also support us in defeats because it is part of the sport. I hope in the future to bring them more Joy,” Diaz said.

Diaz is the seventh Puerto Rican athlete to complete his summer fencing competition.