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Abinader agradece elogios de astronauta ruso hacia República Dominicana

Abenader appreciates the Russian astronaut praise to the Dominican Republic

President Louis Abinader thanked Saturday for the beautiful letter written by a Russian astronaut on the Dominican Republic, praising the landscapes of the Caribbean country.

The president’s thanks were directed to Oleg Nowitzki, who expressed his opinion on the island last Friday through his Twitter account.

Nowitzki’s message went viral, not only because of his praise of the Dominican natural attractions, but also because he shared an aerial view from space, where the characteristic silhouette of Quisquyana’s land can be seen.

“I looked out the window and saw the most visited country in the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic. This paradise on earth impresses the guests with its magnificent scenery and nature that amazes one so much that one wants to be a part of it,” the Russian said.

Likewise, Abinader did the same with a tweet inviting Russians to visit the country whenever he wanted.

“Thank you very much, Oleg, for your greetings to the beloved Dominican Republic.” The Head of State said, “You are invited as soon as you return from space.”