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Colombia declares an official Cuban persona non grata

Colombia declares an official Cuban persona non grata

(CNN Español) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Colombia On Friday, I reported that he had been declared persona persona non grata in charge of an embassy Cuba Adopted in that country, a decision that the Cuban authorities criticized as “baseless”.

Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs He argues in a thread of tweets The decision was taken after verifying that the diplomat, who was not named, was carrying out activities “inconsistent with the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”

“Despite these circumstances, the aim of Colombia is to grant the privilege to the diplomatic and cooperative relationship with the Republic of Cuba,” he concluded, without providing details about the diplomat’s alleged activities.

The Bogotá-appointed diplomat is First Secretary Omar Rafael García Lazo, as revealed by the Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Eugenio Martínez Enriquez.

CNN contacted the press division of the Colombian Foreign Ministry for more information, as they indicated that the data available at the moment is the one that appears on their Twitter account. CNN has also contacted the Cuban Embassy in Bogota and is still waiting for a response.

Cuba says the resolution “seeks to divert attention” from “violent repression” in Colombia

Martinez Enriquez also described the decision on Twitter as “baseless”. It was also considered an “unfriendly” act that affected the normal functioning of the Cuban Embassy in Colombia.

Martínez Enriquez said they had summoned the Colombian ambassador in Havana to communicate by verbal message of their “active protest”.

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Martinez Enriquez affirms that Cuban diplomats “earnestly and strictly” fulfill their obligations under the Vienna Convention. And he claimed, “We demand the disclosure of the alleged reasons for this unusual decision.”

As for the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the decision “seeks to divert the attention of the international community from the violent repression practiced by the army and police forces against the demonstrators, which caused dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded,” as he put it in his tweet.

They condemned the police attack on civilian clothes 1:59

The transit between Colombia and Cuba takes place within the framework of the tenth day of Protests against the government of President Ivan Duque For the tax reform proposal, which has already been withdrawn from Congress by the executive branch.