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A video shows the Houthi attack that led to the sinking of a Greek commercial ship in the Red Sea

A video shows the Houthi attack that led to the sinking of a Greek commercial ship in the Red Sea

The attack by the Yemeni rebel group on the coal ship occurred on June 12 and caused the ship to sink.

The revolutionaries The Houthis to Yemen The company released a video on Thursday showing the June 12 attack on a Greek-owned coal ship MV teacher in it The Red SeaMeanwhile, rescue teams confirmed that the boat sank.

The MV Tutor tourist bus exploded after the Houthi attack (Reuters)

Reuters He was able to confirm that MV Tutor is based on the design and shape of the ship’s antenna and deck, which matches archival photographs. The name written on the bow of the ship also matches archival photographs.

Shouts of joy from the militants after the attack can also be heard in the video.

He was the teacher It was struck by missiles and a remote-controlled boat loaded with explosives on June 12. Its sinking was confirmed on Wednesday.

This is the second ship sunk by the Houthis Since last November, they began launching attacks against commercial ships in the region Red seas And Arabwho accuse them of being Israeli or associated with Israel, in response to that country’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The rebel group said yesterday that the attack on the ship was with “New weapons” and drones.

An official source in the Yemeni Navy affiliated with the Houthis told the Yemeni Agency SabaSpokesman for the militants who were used “Naval weapons suitable for sinking the ship ‘Tutor’, Since he entered the blacklist for not adhering to the decision to ban his company Evalend Shipping and sending its ships to the occupied Palestinian ports.”

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He pointed this out “New weapons were used”Which they did not specify, however “Armed drones targeted and sank the ship“, according to the agency that published a video clip showing how the ship was attacked.

The informant explained that an email was sent to the company informing it of its non-compliance with the blockade decision and warning it of the consequences if it passed through the Red Sea.

He pointed this out The cargo ship has turned off its international identification device (AIS) while passing through the Red Sea, noting that “he knew that he was on the siege list, but he did not care about the crew, the ship, and what was there.”

In this procedure, Sailor died, Thursday L said Evie Greek Coast Guard spokesman.

The source called on all shipping companies to… Warnings by the Yemeni Armed Forces are taken seriouslyOtherwise, “they will be fully responsible for the safety of the ships and their crews.”

The Houthis’ actions were against shipping It has worsened in the past two weeksWhile the United States and the United Kingdom also intensified their bombing against Houthi positions in the context of an operation that began in February to protect shipping in the Red Sea, through which 15% of global trade passes.

(With information from Reuters and EFE)