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A Spanish couple goes to an emergency room in the United States and explains their experience: “You say, what are they doing to me and what do they want to charge me?”

A Spanish couple goes to an emergency room in the United States and explains their experience: “You say, what are they doing to me and what do they want to charge me?”

Some TikTokers experience in a US hospital. (Info)

In Spain, if you sprain your ankle or knee while playing a game of soccer with your friends one afternoon, you will likely spend a few hours waiting in the emergency room. Sooner or later, they will do the necessary tests to rule out that you are not suffering from anything very serious, and they will send you home for treatment without you paying a single euro, just for the medicines they can give you in the hospital. Pharmacy, but will also be partially supported. On the other hand, if the same thing happened to you while you lived in the United States, the situation could be completely different, and if not, Nori Calvo told, Spanish woman living in Florida On her TikTok account, she recounted an experience Sunday afternoon with her husband in the emergency room.

Nouri often shares with his followers his life on the other side of the Atlantic with his family. In one of his latest videos, you can see him trying to take over hack In your pocket it means a knee injury (apparently not serious) that your partner suffers from. They go to the hospital and he can’t move his leg. “It’s in the knee, I don’t know if it’s the ligament or the meniscus…” he comments as he looks into the camera. Nouri adds: “The problem is you come here to the emergency room and say, ‘What are they doing to me and what do they want to put up with me?’”The American health system is the most expensive in the world. A medical consultation can cost between $100 and $200. The costs increase exponentially once you visit a specialist, get a checkup or go to the hospital.

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Nouri and his partner try to deal with it with humor. “They treat us well,” she says. “The truth is, The attention is top notch because you pay like a son of a bitchThen they appear to their followers Luxuries For the hospital, there is also a mobile phone charging station. “If you run out of battery power, you have a central station so you can charge all kinds of devices,” Nouri says.

Then comes the scariest moment: entering the office and finding out what tests they are going to run. “At first they did a little “You have to swipe the card.”Nouri says between laughs. They comment that it’s probably just a sprain, but despite that they’ve prescribed a lot of medication for him. “He sent him more medication than Dr. House was taking,” the TikToker quips.

“I think they are sending you tramadol so you can afford the treatment that will come to you.”

“Take the tramadol and you will see how well you will sleep,” the husband says they told him. “Now I am getting high, actually, I am going to run away, sign me up,” he jokes. “I think they are sending you the tramadol so you can afford the medical expenses that will come to you,” Nouri replies. It’s better to take it in a sense of humor. Because the reality of the health system in the United States is what it is. “What a joy, isn’t it?”

Health announces verbal plan that will provide free care to 13 million people.

As mentioned previously, the US health care system is one of the most complex and expensive in the world. They are mostly private and are financed through health insurance, both public and private. These are its main features:

  • Private insuranceMost Americans get their health insurance through their employers. There are many insurance companies that offer different levels of coverage and costs.
  • Public programs: The federal government runs two main programs: Medicare and Medicaid. medical care: Targeted at people over the age of 65 and some young people with disabilities. Medicaid: Provides coverage for low-income individuals and families. It is administered jointly by the states and the federal government.
  • Individual health insurance: People can also buy insurance directly from insurance companies or through the health insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
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Key challenges:

  • it costs: The United States spends more on health care per capita than any other developed country, resulting in higher costs for medical services and medications.
  • coverageDespite public programs and insurance options, a percentage of the population still does not have adequate health coverage.
  • Access: Access to health care can vary greatly by state, socioeconomic status, and insurance coverage.

The American health care system is the subject of ongoing political and social debate, focusing on issues of access, efficiency, and equity.