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A new international recharge promotion from Etecsa has been announced

A new international recharge promotion from Etecsa has been announced

The Cuban telecommunications company announced its new international promotion to recharge mobile phone lines on the island.

The offer consists of, From 6 to 12 NovemberCustomers who receive an international refill between 500 cups and 1250 cups will receive, Five times the funds loaded in the main balance.

Etecsa states that the amount you can apply to this international top-up is Between 500.00 cups and up to 1250.00 cups. Therefore, those who receive a recharge of less than 500 cups will not benefit from this offer.

You should know that with the main balance received in this recharge, it is possible to carry out all the actions that are usually carried out with the balance: national and international calls, purchase of bags, parcels and packages, making transfers and activating the Amigo plan.

The company explains that with this promotion, neither the life cycle of existing rewards from previous promotions, nor bundled plans and packages of previous offers will be extended.

“After making a recharge using this international recharge design from the minimum amount specified (500.00 COP) The mobile phone line will be valid for 330 days“, they indicate on their official website.

Etexa recharge

As is usually the case, the promotion only applies to recharges made through international locations or through your MiTransfer Wallet USD account.

In the case of the Cuban mobile wallet, The exchange rate used by Etecsa is 1 USD x 24.00 cup. For example: Those who purchase a recharge of 500 cups will be charged $20.83 USD from their Bolsa MiTransfer account in USD.

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Cell phone recharge pages in Cuba We are:

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