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A new blow to Elon Musk: Hyundai has stopped its ads on X due to anti-Semitic content

A new blow to Elon Musk: Hyundai has stopped its ads on X due to anti-Semitic content

X is working with Hyundai to implement stricter brand safety controls. (Configuration information – EFE – Reuters)

Hyundai, one of the world's largest automakers, has halted its advertising campaigns on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now owned by Elon Musk. This decision came after the company's advertisement appeared alongside anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi content, raising serious concerns about brand safety in the aforementioned medium.

The South Korean company confirmed this cessation of its advertising activities, indicating that it is in direct contact with s To address and solve security problems that have arisen.

The incident that led to the suspension of advertising Hyundai Highlighted by Nancy Levine Stearnsa freelance journalist and user swho posted a screenshot showing an ad from the company on top of an anti-Semitic post directly from a verified “super” account.

This account had published posts denying the Holocaust and spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric. Joe BenarrochHead of Business Operations s-Stressed pause Hyundai He stressed that the platform is working with marketers to implement additional controls for brand safety.

In response to these events, s It took action by suspending the account responsible for the anti-Semitic posts, noting that the content of the said account violated the social network's policies against abusive profiles. Additionally, the platform has begun labeling content that denies violent incidents as violations of its policies, in an attempt to moderate hate speech.

CNN He noted that this scenario highlights a larger problem on Musk's social media network, where there has been an increase in content Supporter of Nazism And Anti-Semitic.

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According to the investigation he conducted NBC NewsAt least 150 “premium” accounts and thousands of unpaid accounts have posted or amplified pro-Nazi content in recent months, often violating the platform’s rules. Advertisements from various companies appeared alongside this type of content, leading to a major advertising exodus ever since musk I got on the podium.

Hyundai is the third largest automaker in the world by sales volume (Reuters/Akhtar Soomro)

another company, IQ Aira Swiss manufacturer of air quality hardware and software, has adjusted its settings in s After finding one of their ads next to a post denying the Holocaust.

Reuters It stated that since November 2023, s It faced significant opposition from advertisers, including many major companies Disney, Manzana And Warner Bros.stop their advertising on the social network.

These problems occur in context musk He has been criticized for his responses to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, although he later visited the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland and admitted his ignorance of the extent of anti-Semitism.

Hyundai ad hack s It reflects growing concerns about the safety of brands on social media platforms that struggle to control hate speech and extremist content.