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A “Natural Sciences” class is taught in Cíes

A “Natural Sciences” class is taught in Cíes

A “Natural Sciences” class is taught in CíesMarta J. Brea

Shipping companies travel already loaded to the Sis Islands. Tents, food refrigerators, chairs, umbrellas… and also school uniforms. More than a hundred students from up to four schools in the community visited the Rodas sand area and lighthouse yesterday in an activity that seeks to promote respect for plants and animals as well as improve coexistence and empathy among school children.. “It’s not just fun activities, we don’t just want them to have a good time; “It promotes values ​​such as respect, empathy for colleagues and concern for nature,” says José Armando Abual, a professor at CPR Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, in Pontevedra.

One of the curiosities of yesterday’s school trips is that the four educational centers that spent the day in Sis were from outside the city: CEIP O Couto, in Ourense, CEIP Antonio Insua Bermúdez, in Vilalba, Lugo, and IES Xesús Taboada Chivite, in Verín. “For many of these children, this will be their first time traveling to Cíes, they may have never come and do not have the opportunity to come because of its location, so it is also special. It is a comprehensive university and we are making Cíes Closer to all students.


The excursions began between 10:45 and 11:00 a.m., amidst great enthusiasm on the part of the students who told all that they expected from the islands to their classmates, with the ever watchful eye of the group of teachers who accompanied them. . “When we arrive, we will do activities with the observers, who will explain the history of the Cíes, the marine animals that live there… It will be like what we see in class but on site. The students appreciate it very much, as they can see everything they have learned or learn many things that they would not see.” In the classroom.expands Abul.

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Unlike a large portion of visitors who picked up their tickets to Cíes yesterday, school visits take place only during the day. “We will only be there today – for yesterday – but that is enough for you to disconnect and enjoy and learn too. Every year we come with a group of school children because it is a great experience.”“, Sanchez specified.

In conjunction with the end of school, it is expected that school trips to Cíes will be organized throughout the week, as a reward for students for a full year of study and effort and in preparation for their summer vacation.