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A massive explosion at an apartment complex in Venezuela has killed at least one person and injured four

A massive explosion at an apartment complex in Venezuela has killed at least one person and injured four

The explosion occurred in a house in the Pueblo Viejo residential complex in the city of Lecheria, Venezuela.

at least One dead and four wounded Behind a massive explosion in a house in the Venezuelan city of Lechria, in the state of Anzoategui, the local authorities deployed a major security operation in the area to determine if there were more people trapped under the rubble.

rescue teams They found a lifeless body inside the house, which exploded. The search for this person has been underway since the first wounded were taken away. Mayor of the Municipality of Urbanega in Lecheria, Manuel Ferreira González said the peace of his soul and the comfort of his relatives.

Ferreira González explained on Twitter that at the moment it has also been registered the number of four injured, who have been taken to a nearby hospital, and that “the location has been published. Search and rescue dogs to investigate the adjacent channel.”

The injured were taken to a hospital in Puerto la Cruz.

The cause of the explosion, which occurred on Tuesday morning in the Pueblo Viejo de Lecheria condominium, is still under investigation. Pictures on social networks showed that the force of the explosion was generated Extensive damage to nearby homes and vehicles.

Describe the noise community as if it was bombed”Venezuelan journalist Mayport Petit warned on Twitter. Local press reports indicated that the noise was felt in a large part of the city’s north.

According to Ferreira González, civil protection and citizen security teams will remain deployed at the scene “as long as necessary” to continue cooperating in search and rescue work, immediate attention and transportation. Presumably it’s still there missing person.

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On the other hand, Carlos Perez Amboda, Deputy Minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, reported on social media that the action protocol has been activated in the event of an explosion due to the “direct accumulation of gas” and that the material damage in the area includes “three collapsed buildings and six damaged vehicles.” .

Members of the local security forces are working in the area, searching for those trapped under the rubble
The explosion caused severe material damage in the neighborhood.
A team of rescuers was called in to search for victims in the Pueblo Viejo complex’s canal
The authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of the explosion.


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