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A judge disqualified Donald Trump from voting for supporting an attack on the Capitol

A judge disqualified Donald Trump from voting for supporting an attack on the Capitol

Republican lawyers plan to appeal the decision. You have until Friday.


Donald Trump It is unstoppable in its tracks White House After winning the primaries in South Carolina and Michigan with advantages. Republicans are already very close to finalizing their party's nomination for president this year.

But not everything will be so easy. In this case it is Justice that can prevent Trump from running For elections. A recent twist to the script has come from a judge from the state of Illinois.

The Election BoardAccording to the magistrate's order, the nomination of the President of the United States has been withdrawn from the primary ballots. Republican Party. He does it for support of the rebellion Capital.

As the former president has announced on his part Judge Trace will appeal Porter's decision. She, for now, Temporarily canceled his own order Trump's defense should be allowed to prepare an appeal strategy.

Their lawyers have a deadline You can appeal until Friday Otherwise, the candidate Couldn't run in the primaries In Illinois, it would block his presidential nomination.

What court cases does Donald Trump have pending?

There is Donald Trump Investigated for an attack on the Capitol in 2020. This is the main reason to prevent him from being re-elected as the President of the United States if it is not favorable to the president.

The US Supreme Court is also investigating Donald Trump's Potential Immunity First, in the face of the facts he alleges electoral interference for not recognizing the results after the 2020 elections.

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During those events, Trump argues. He was the President of the United States, which would make him innocent. This process will also delay the trial of this case.