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Monica Lewinsky takes part in a fashion campaign and asks for your vote

Monica Lewinsky takes part in a fashion campaign and asks for your vote

Fashion is also a political tool. We've seen it in style choices like the clothes of world leaders. Hillary Clinton One Kamala HarrisAnd as did the suffragettes wearing white years ago.

Now we see Monica Lewinsky Starring in a campaign for a Los Angeles-based fashion brand reformation In partnership with vote.org. Captioned “You have the power,” Lewinsky poses in office-appropriate pieces such as cream suits, stunning red dresses and ultra-chic sunglasses among other designs.

The goal is to remind shoppers of democracy and the importance of their individual vote. “It's very simple: voting is about using our voice to make ourselves heard, the most defining and powerful aspect of democracy,” the author and activist told Variety magazine. “I'm excited and grateful to be working with Reform to remind people to register, use their voice and vote.”

Joey Grossman/ Reformation

Lewinsky gained notoriety for her relationship with then-President Bill Clintonseen by many generations of women in these women Lauren Carys CohenReform's creative director, especially after watching Lewinsky's TED talk about “public shame.”

This was one of the factors that inspired Cohen to create this collaboration, in which the brand photographed his work clothes. Joey Grossman.

Joey Grossman/ Reformation

With an exceptional sense of humor, according to those who knew him, Lewinsky was also involved in the creative part of the campaign, and although he was a natural model according to the reform, he had to turn to an acting coach to get comfortable in front. of the camera.

This is the third election in a row that Reform has implemented a scheme to encourage its customers to vote. This year he partnered with vote.org to create a website aimed at making voting accessible to everyone, which Lewinsky supports without reservation.

Joey Grossman/ Reformation

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At the age of 50. Lewinsky has become an icon of an era, a defender of mental health, and a true anti-bullying standard, and now she's using her voice to remember that exercising her right to vote is more important than ever through this fashion campaign.

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