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A “cheat” trick to connect your cell phone to a WiFi network without a password

A “cheat” trick to connect your cell phone to a WiFi network without a password

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When connecting to the Internet and being able to browse the web securely, it is important to have the Wi-Fi password for the place you are in, as this will allow access to the interface more solid, faster, and even more fleeting than the mobile data available on a cell phone, which is often It loses its signal.

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But although most organizations almost certainly have a wireless network, not all of us have the exact password to connect via WhatsApp or other social networks, forcing us to ask for it in case we run out of mobile data. Has this happened to you? before?

If this happened to you and due to embarrassment or annoyance you did not dare to ask the owner, do not worry, today there are different tricks that will help you connect without having to get the password or talk to the account holders. Take note of these tips and improve your relationship with the technological and virtual world, becoming a true professional in this field.

How to connect Wi-Fi to your cell phone without getting the password?

Wi-Fi connectivity to different devices is essential that allows for better file downloading, without having to spend money on mobile data. It is a very useful tool and also helps in saving power and extending battery life.

In this way, some tricks have been discovered to achieve connection to the wireless network of places without the need for a switch. One consists of communicating through the code provided by the distribution device. Most current modems or routers have a QR code, either on the front or back of the device, which includes the network name and password, allowing the relationship to be established in one go.

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