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A 64-year-old shark bites off the coast of Florida

A 64-year-old shark bites off the coast of Florida

Sharks off the coast of New Smyrna, Florida

A 64-year-old woman was bitten on the leg this Friday While practicing paddle boarding on a beach in New Smyrna Beach (Northeast Florida, USA) I had to be transferred to a hospital in the area.

The shark attack took place in the early hours of the morning when the woman was sitting on the board at a depth of 8 or 10 feet (2.5-3.05 meters) south of the aforementioned beach jetty, she said Channel 6 locals gathered.

The woman’s leg was dislocated and the severity of the injuries was unknown..

About it The first shark attack was recorded this year In Volusia County where the beach is located.

The United States led the world in the number of unprovoked shark attacks by 2020, With 33 confirmed cases, according to the annual report of the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) of the University of Florida in Keynesville (north of the state).

These are 33 cases 58% of the world’s total, 64% of unprovoked attacks worldwide occurred in American waters, the lowest since 2019.

Within the United States, Florida (no fatalities) tops world list for shark bites by 2020, The first post he held for decades.

Beach New Smyrna Beach Unofficially known “The world’s shark attack capital“, According to the chain CNN, Which is one of the most frequently recorded attacks by Florida sharks.

It is located on the east coast, An hour from Orlando in Volusia County, Receiving area More than 10 million viewers a year Despite that The highest incidence of shark attacks in the world.

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