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This is the life of Donald Trump after Washington  International

This is the life of Donald Trump after Washington International

Former President Donald Trump appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28 in Orlando, Florida.JOE SKIPPER / Reuters

“All Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago,” Donald Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller said recently. The current residence of the former president, Known as the White House of the South during his administration, Has become a pilgrimage center for donors and conservative politicians seeking New Yorker’s permission. Since the end of his tenure, Trump, With his family, It was Held in Palm Beach (Florida) Rotate your career plans and play golf. He did not participate in public events, but he allowed himself to be loved and made it clear to himself who the boss was in the game.

In fact, Mar-e-Lago is the most direct route for billionaires who want to open their wallets and boost Republican campaigns in the run-up to the 2022 legislative elections, where they will try to capture a majority in the House from Democrats. Republican congressmen, senators and governors have held various meetings with Trump in recent months with that goal in mind. In addition, at least a dozen candidates for next year’s elections have organized fundraising events on the former president’s assets, hoping he will always be dropped at some point. Sometimes it happens, he gives speeches for half an hour or more. He also appears at friends’ children’s weddings. In all cases, he instigated the election fraud, President Joe Biden cheers and demonstrates his victory in the elections that Selby won.

Trump has always been known to be unusual. He was before he came to the White House, when he was president, now he, Get out of the office in your first 100 days. The Republican Party has made it clear that its priority is to maintain party leadership. He continues to appear on conservative television stations such as Fox News, where he is committed to attacking Joe Biden’s immigration policies because they promise they are “going to destroy the country,” and he is credited with making the vaccine widely available. “In a way, I’m the father of the vaccine,” he has come to say.

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Anonymous sources told Reuters this week that Trump plans to temporarily leave Palm Beach this month to go to his golf club in NJ’s Bedminster, 60 kilometers from New York. Mar-e-Lago usually covers the summer months, with high temperatures reaching the state in the low season. By doing so, you will leave the office set up in the resort’s old wedding suite and miss the little tradition of keeping your ego shape: Club members stand up and greet you every time you enter the dining room, according to CNN, and they do it again when he leaves.

Banned from social media Incitement to violence after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, He shares brief statements of his strategy – less often than his tweets – through the 45office.com page, with former First Lady Melania Trump. Some of the statements he makes attacking his successor’s policies of dismantling his legacy: from plans to raise taxes for the rich to a group of countries with a Muslim majority until the end of the emigration veto.

Miller, who was a Trump adviser during the re-election campaign, announced at the end of March that the Republican Party planned to launch its own social network, which he promised would attract “tens of thousands” of followers. A Republican spokesman said Trump had already held several high-level meetings to finalize what had been rumored for months. If confirmed, it will officially return to the front lines of the former president’s political battle.