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53 years after The Beatles ended, “Now and Then”, the band’s last song, will be known: when will it be released?

53 years after The Beatles ended, “Now and Then”, the band’s last song, will be known: when will it be released?

More than half a century after the band ended, the world will know a new Beatles song.

With the help of artificial intelligence and a tape recorded by John Lennon, the… Now and laterthe piece that was named after “The Beatles’ Last Song” This comes 53 years after the band’s final farewell.

It will be on Thursday November 2when Now and later It arrives on all streaming platforms, but this is just the first of many surprises the Beatles have in store for their ardent fans all over the planet. One day before the song arrived, The band will share a 12-minute documentaryWhere all the details behind the creation Now and later. This documentary will contain archival footage of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the late George Harrison, Sean Ono Lennon and Peter Jackson.

“Now and Then,” the Beatles’ latest single, will hit all platforms on November 2

Now and later It will not be released only for platforms flowbut it will also be released as a standalone single with a cover by the famous visual artist Ed Rocha. The song will be available on vinyl and cassette, accompanied by a new stereo remix of the band’s debut single: Love me I do. While the vinyl version will be available in 7- and 12-inch formats, the cassette version will be exclusive to The Beatles Store.

Now and Then by The Beatles will also be available in physical format

next to, November 10Apple Corps Ltd. and Capitol/UMe will release renewed and expanded editions of two of the collection’s most beloved collections: “1962-66” and “1967-70.” These albums originally contained 26 and 28 songs respectively, and were expanded to 38 and 37 songs. Both sets will be offered in separate two-CD or three-CD formats on 180 gram black vinyl. The Beatles Store offers some exclusive formats, such as the “Red” album on red vinyl and the “Blue” album on blue vinyl, either individually or bundled together in a sleeve.

The Beatles would also release renewed and expanded versions of two of the group’s most beloved compilations: “1962-66” and “1967-70.”

Now and later Comes from a solo show of John Lennon From the seventies that Yoko Ono They became available when the surviving members decided to add new songs to the compilations Excerpts. McCartney proposed resuming it in 2022 Now and later Extracting Lennon’s voice using the same technique the director used in the documentary “Get Back.” Peter Jackson. The most recent additions to the song are McCartney’s background vocals and… English drummer Ringo StarrIn addition to a contribution George Harrisonwho died in 2001, and the song features his electric and acoustic guitar parts recorded in 1995.

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McCartney, inspired by George, provided a slide guitar solo reminiscent of Harrison’s signature style on the 2022 sessions. The musician is also credited with playing bass, piano and electric harp, while Starr added his own drumming touch.

“And there was John Crystal’s voice. It’s very emotional. “We’ve all played on it, it’s a real Beatles recording,” McCartney said in a statement.

Regarding working with Lennon’s voice again, McCartney shared the following statement:

“John’s voice was crystal clear. It’s very emotional. And we all play in it It’s a real Beatles recording.“.

English drummer Ringo Starr He also talked about the feelings that overwhelmed him when creating this piece, as it was the first time since the breakup of The Beatles in 1970 that he was able to play again with his friend John.

It was the closest we’ve ever had to getting him back in the roomSo it was very emotional for all of us. It was like John was there, you know. “It’s too far away.”