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Does Julian Figueroa’s widow already have a new love?  That’s how you respond

Does Julian Figueroa’s widow already have a new love? That’s how you respond

“happy Birthday my friend, I love you so much, thank you for always being there“The actress and singer wrote in the post that she decorated it with festive symbols.

After the post on October 25, some of Imelda’s followers commented that she could be her new partner and were happy that she would rebuild her life. However, Tonion put an end to the misunderstanding and clarified the kind of relationship she has with dermatologist Luis Moya.

Imelda Toñón puts an end to speculation about her love life.

credit: Imelda Toñón/Instagram

Imelda Toñón denies her new romantic relationship

Maribel Guardia’s daughter-in-law did not hesitate to respond to some messages to avoid speculation.

“They look great together. Congratulations and a very happy birthday to my friend,” wrote a user, to which Imelda replied: “He’s my friend ha, ha, ha, ha, but thank you for your well wishes.”

“He carries the mourning inside, the memories carry in the mind, and everything they went through together will show in their son. She has every right to rebuild her life if she wants. She is a widow, but I believe he is her friend.” “, was a message from another Internet user, to which Tonyon replied: “He was also a very good friend of Julian.”

Another person wrote: “Having a friend is great, it’s like having another brother.” Julian Figueroa’s widow commented, “Yes, he’s like my brother.”

Imelda Toñón explained the situation.

credit: Imelda Toñón/Instagram

Imelda Toñón does not think about love

Recently, journalist Addis Toñon, aunt of Julian Figueroa’s widow, said on the program “De Primera Mano” that her niece is currently not thinking about rebuilding her love life.

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However, the person who is very clear that one day that moment will come is Maribel Guardia, but until that happens, she will continue to take care of her and her grandson.

“At some point, my precious Imelda I know he will have to rebuild his lifeShe is a very beautiful girl, very young, and I also know that my grandson, whom I do not want to part with, at some point, will have to do so, and I ask God to give me the courage to understand “all those stages that one has to understand,” Maribel shared with the media. At the end of April.

He added about his grandson, Jose Julian: “As long as he is with me, I will protect him, and from afar, wherever he is, I will always protect him, take care of him, love him, and give him everything he needs.” .