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450 students of St. George’s University celebrate their graduation

About 450 students from the 2023 St. George’s (USJ) Promotion celebrated their graduation this week. In Zaragoza Hall accompanied by their teachers, family members and the authorities. Students of the College of Communication and Social Sciences and the College of Architecture and Technology graduated last Friday, April 28, while students of the College of Health Sciences graduated on Saturday.

During the celebrations presented by the graduate of Saint Joseph University and the journalist, Natalia Fondevilla, the dean of the center, Berta Saez conveyed to the students her hope to “make a mark” on them, but above all, that “they leave a mark wherever they go”.The university’s goal is to prepare them to “enjoy a full life and meet the professional challenges” that they will face from this point on.

Yolanda Sánchez, Director General of the Universities of the Government of Aragon, confirmed at the graduation ceremony on April 28 that the “dedication and effort of the students” “have paid off”. At the same ceremony, Rubén Ruiz, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Zaragoza, stressed that society “needs free people, honest professionals, enthusiastic youth, ready to work for the common good, critical and constructive people who want to fight for a better world”. for his part, The Archbishop of Zaragoza and Grand Chancellor of Saint Joseph University, Carlos Escribano, who attended the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Health Sciences, stated that it was time to “harness knowledge for the benefit of others.” and to “continue to conquer” the best version of oneself, in order to “have a professional future that meets expectations and allows the development of everyone’s life projects.”

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Luisa Gavasa, actress and godmother to the students of the School of Communication and Social Sciences and the School of Architecture and Technology, advised the students to “be brave” and “Face the projects, make your own decisions, take risks and be daringBut “always of humility, ethics and love” towards the chosen profession. For her part, Fatima Al-Shahrour, Director of the Bioinformatics Unit at the National Center for Cancer Research and godmother to the students of the College of Health Sciences, expressed her wishes for them that their “science and life” would be “gratitude.” their passion by setting aside spaces for reflection, and that they cultivate “curiosity, which is the seed of science and the power of creativity.”

After collecting their diplomas and scholarships, the attendees listened to the words of student representatives, Javier García, an advertising and public relations student, and María Alejandre Moreno, a physical therapy student. “We have learned to distinguish between what is really important and what is really worthwhile.”Announce the student. For her part, María Alejandr highlighted the “unique and critical responsibility” they have in society by devoting themselves to the field of health and encouraged her colleagues to continue to be passionate about what they do and “for the positive impact” they can make “on the lives of others”.