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400 migrants, including Hondurans, force their way into the US

400 migrants, including Hondurans, force their way into the US

City of Juarez.

About 400 migrants managed to force their way over the wall between Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso (United States) this Thursday, crossing the fence, past a group of US National Guard agents and then being processed by the US Department of Immigration. .

The group snuck in at Gate 40, closest to the Zaragoza-Yesleta international crossing, which has less razor wire and less surveillance.

“It's hard, we're waiting for an opportunity and I want to jump in later. I've been traveling in Mexico for 4 months now,” he said. Eric Raul Diaz Aguilar400 people were unable to cross because agents from Mexico's National Immigration Agency pressured the migrants to disperse and stop the attack.

“When they were already crossing, immigration came. There's a friend who's yelling at me. “That cord is dangerous, but many people cut it,” Diaz said. First is Honduras And it took over two months to reach the Ciudad Juarez border.

Likewise, he explained, migrants are forced to flee from Mexican authorities because if they are caught they are sent to the south of the country and they have to make the entire journey back to reach the border with the United States.

Crossings like these have caused the National Guard to increase surveillance at places like Marker 36, where it has been reinforced with more mesh fences and more razor wire.

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Luis Hernandez Saldana He owned a bakery in Ecuador, where he decided to flee after being extorted. He managed to cross the US border on Wednesday, but was forced to return to Mexico by the Texas National Guard.

“We left Ecuador 3 months ago, we came through the Darien forest, it took more than two months to get here, we arrived in Chihuahua and they sent us back. Yesterday we crossed and the army returned to us. On the other hand, it's chaos, sometimes we are hungry. We see children, they eat almost nothing to try to go somewhere else,” Ecuador explained.

He said they will keep trying until they reach the other side where relatives are waiting for him so he can start life on that side of the border.

“Unfortunately they didn't tell us that, they told us to come through gates 36 and 45 and surrender, but I didn't imagine finding soldiers and traps and everything, I thought I had to come and surrender, that's it. That, but it's not like that, one finds many obstacles to overcome, ” he added.

Mexico's government has strengthened restrictions this year after a 77% increase in irregular migration by 2023, with more than 782,000 migrants identified in this situation.

President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López ObradorIt confirmed last month that daily encounters with migrants at the US border fell by nearly 55% from December to March.