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10 States with the Best Minimum Hourly Wage in America |  composition

10 States with the Best Minimum Hourly Wage in America | composition

Although the US government sets federal salaries, each The state can set up its own Also, your cities can set their own amount. Find out which states have the best minimum hourly wages.

Average salaries in 30 states are higher than the federal level due to inflation, resulting in higher cost of living. There are even states where increments are automatically established by statute.

What is the minimum wage in the United States?

Federal minimum wage US$7.25 per hour per decade. This rate applies to non-exempt workers. Salaries may be lower or higher as there are exceptions for disabled workers, full-time students, youth under 20 (in the first three months of employment) and student-apprentices.

The minimum wage for tipped employees is US$2.13 per hour. The sum of tips plus US$2.13 must reach a minimum of US$7.25 per hour. Otherwise, your employer must pay to cover the difference.

Know how to pay wages according to federal law (Photo: Pixels)

States with the highest minimum wage in the United States?

The District of Columbia has a minimum wage of $17 an hour this year.

  1. DC: US$17
  2. Washington: US$15.74
  3. California: US$15.50
  4. Massachusetts: US$15
  5. Connecticut: US$15
  6. NY: US$14.20 (Upstate New York) and US$15 (New York City and surrounding areas).
  7. Oregon: US$14.20
  8. New Jersey: US$14.13
  9. Arizona: US$13.85
  10. Maine: US$13.80

Note: Check the list of minimum wages in all states, . And in this Salary .

How is the state minimum wage applied?

Some states and cities set their own minimum wage rates. If federal and local government minimum wages differ, the higher wage rate applies.

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More information on the minimum wage in the United States

How much do you need to earn to live comfortably and happily in the United States?

The site found that an individual would need to earn an average of $68,499 per year to live comfortably. All 25 metros require an after-tax income for a comfortable lifestyle.

And though Average prices have increased by 8% across the country Due to inflation, living comfortably in the 25 largest cities would require earning 20% ​​more than in 2022. US$57,013 per annum. More details here