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Russia has suspended its cooperation with the United States for the International Space Station

Russia has suspended its cooperation with the United States for the International Space Station

Space Company Roscosmos From Russia Stop working with Pot And other Western space agencies International Space Station (ISS, Its abbreviation in English).

This Saturday, Director Roscosmos, Dmitry Rokosin, criticized the international sanctions against Russia He said natural cooperation between the space agency and its Western powers would be possible only after they were removed.

“The purpose of the sanctions is to destroy the Russian economy, to plunge our people into despair and hunger, and to bring our country to its knees. It is clear that they will not succeed, but the intentions are clear,” Rokosin said in a tweet. ‚ÄúThat is why I hope to restore normal relations between the partners International Space Station And other programs are only possible through the complete and unconditional removal of illegal barriers.

The end of collaboration?

Rokosin said Roscosmos Will present plans to finalize its work with Pot And other international space agencies to Russian authorities, but it is not yet clear how this decision will affect the space station.

The change of mind is strange Russia Bring American Mark Vande Hay to Earth And her own Pot Pointed out that It was still in good standing with the Russian company on the path to cooperation at the end of several decades.

The ISS It does not belong to one country. The station is operated by a cooperation agreement between the United States, the European Union, Russia, Canada and Japan. Roscosmos, However, this is necessary ISS The Russian Orbital Division handles guidance control for the entire station.

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The United States and many other countries have imposed severe sanctions Russia Following the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Among other consequences, those restrictions deprived the average Russian of access to many Western-made services, including those provided by Apple and Google. They have made it difficult for Russian companies to recoup profits from online marketing sites such as Steam.

The ISS This is not the first joint space project to see its future in doubt due to growing tensions between the West and the West. Russia. In March, Roscosmos Onweb’s Internet satellites said it would not be launched into space until the U.S. government United Kingdom To sell his shares in the company. That same month, heThe European Space Agency has announced that it will suspend its joint exosmarks mission with Roscosmos.

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