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1.3 million Mexicans will not receive a second dose of the COVID vaccine on time

1.3 million Mexicans will not receive a second dose of the COVID vaccine on time

The delay in delivering 1.5 million vaccines from the Chinese company Sinovac will mean that nearly 1.3 million Mexicans will not receive their second dose on time, according to the Ministry of Health reports.

But he added that delaying the second dose, after the recommended 35-day interval between both applications, will not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Nearly a million people will need their second dose by the first week in May; Approximately 300,000 more will need this in the following weeks.

The Ministry of Health did not say when it expects the late batch of vaccines to arrive, but it indicated that it is in talks with Sinovac so that the company will send it as soon as possible.

The secretariat also did not explain the reasons for the delay. Mexico has so far implemented 17.3 million doses from five different vaccines.

The country has also suffered significant delays in its procedures for packaging the doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is exported in large quantities from a factory in Argentina.

Mexico accumulates nearly 216,500 confirmed COVID-19-related deaths, but it tests so few that many people die without being tested.

An initial government review of death certificates indicates that the increase in deaths attributed to COVID-19 is now more than 346,500.

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