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Zigzag brings young people and minors closer to science and technology

Zigzag brings young people and minors closer to science and technology

Zacatecas, Zack. During the five-year period nearing completion, the Zacatecas Zigzag Interactive Science and Technology Center has optimized public resources, allowing for the effective application of nearly 19 million pesos to attract thousands of young people and young adults. The palace closest to science and technology.

Analyzing the results obtained in the government of Alejandro Tello, through the Zacatecano Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), led by Agustín Enciso, Maria Luisa Valenzuela, Director of Zigzag, said that from 2016 to 2021 in nearly 200 thousand people were received.

Similarly, nearly 6 million pesos were awarded in 6 thousand 588 winding scholarships, an act that had a double effect: on the one hand, the goal of promoting scientific and technological degrees among young people was achieved; On the other hand, quality and warmth were presented to the audience as they were attended by students who became winding guides.

Valenzuela reports that in the past five years Zigzag’s educational offering has been expanded and improved through the construction and rehabilitation of six venues, with an investment of nearly 10 million pesos, implemented in Maker Space, Robotics Room, Astronomical Observatory, Science Lab, Virtual Tour and Sun and Wind Path .

In addition, he said, six temporary exhibitions have been held for the enjoyment of Zacatecan families: Ingenia, Dinosaurios Now, Robots Ochenteros, Aracno, Mundo Fútbol and Megabeasts, which have had more than 121,000 visitors.

In Tello’s government, three face-to-face and virtual versions of the science camp were organized, in which 641 girls and boys aged 4-11 participated, in which scientific, technological and communication skills were developed.

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The director described the results as positive, and as an example mentioned that nearly 70,000 500 people attended scientific workshops held at exhibitions, dates, special activities, night sessions and outside Zigzag, on topics such as Suma Ciencia, astrological observations, and visiting school children.

Another point that stood out was the development of 28 courses with technology topics targeting girls, boys, youth and teachers, of which nearly a thousand participants were trained, in areas such as 3D printing, Arduino programming, Robotics Championship, Astronomy and Tecnologchicas, among others.