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Your horoscope for today, February 10, 2024

Your horoscope for today, February 10, 2024

Saturday 10 February

We launch a The new year According to the calendar Chinese! Yes, we are in a circle Wooden dragonA symbol of good luck and success, especially in material matters! But be careful, let us not fall into the trap of arrogance and become petty tyrants. Balance, always balance! Moreover, my dear Luneta joins Saturn In the wonderful sign Pisces. But be careful, don't get lost in the sensitivity, right? If something moves you or inspires compassion in your neighbor, do something to help them!

Affirmation of the Day: “I am charting a path of compassion and success in my life.”

If today February 10 is your birthday…

In the area of ​​love, you will experience positive change. If you are in a long-term relationship, you will notice that the vibrations are renewed. If you're single, you'll find the perfect mix of commitment and excitement in this new chapter of your life.

Lucky Cup: 27, 38, 44, 73, 98, 00


This will be a good time to deal with research projects or work that requires isolation. You can also offer your help to hospitals, charities, or entities dedicated to the homeless. Your contribution can have an invaluable impact, so be of service.


Everything indicates that you will choose your friends carefully, prioritizing quality over quantity. You will demand that members of your circle prove their loyalty through thick and thin. To those who deserve it, you will offer your unconditional trust and support.


You are about to lead and shine with all your might! Beings of light are on your side, giving you a little boost of confidence in those higher energies. You have the wisdom to face everything that comes with complete success. Get ready to exercise your authority and show your best version!

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Imagine that you are an explorer with your compass and direction perfectly set. Thanks to your experiences, you are now the expert guide who can guide others on their journey. Get ready to surround yourself with encouraging spirits who will push you to push your limits and grow like never before!


You are experiencing a moment of deep emotional growth, strengthening yourself to face life's difficulties calmly. Soon, an important person will publicly show their trust in you, offering you the support you need to move forward without falling into despair.


The Moon and Saturn form an excellent connection in your alliance zone! This creates the perfect environment to create solid foundations in your relationships. There are serious, committed and trustworthy individuals who can be ideal companions for building something meaningful.


It's time to take your well-being seriously. Incorporate habits that promote holistic and lasting balance in your health. Harness the powerful transformative energy that arises from the depths of your being to propel you forward. This is a time of physical and emotional healing.

the scorpion

I've discovered that by sticking to what you love, you protect your heart. You meet people who value your space and respect your feelings. In the romantic sphere, you move forward cautiously, but the good news is that there is a promising path ahead.

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You will realize the importance of grounding yourself and creating solid foundations to build something lasting. At home, you will assume the role of authority, setting rules that the people who share with you must follow. Your home life will bring you happiness because it will be successful.

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You are at an ideal moment to invest in your professional development. Utilize your current ability to focus to train and empower yourself. Immerse yourself in reading and learn about topics that interest you. You will discover that learning becomes a wonderful hobby.


You find yourself working hard to build a solid financial foundation. The most positive thing of all is that your family supports you generously, giving you invaluable confidence. It will be like the feeling of being wrapped in a warm hug that encourages you to thrive.


The conjunction of Saturn and the Moon in your sign indicates a fertile time to start a new project, where you are the undisputed leader. Everything will flow positively, because you will know how to express your desires gently and gain the respect of others with clear and honest words.