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Young Miko’s powerful message from “El Hormiguero”: “You have to allow yourself to be loved and be yourself”

Young Miko’s powerful message from “El Hormiguero”: “You have to allow yourself to be loved and be yourself”

Puerto Rican artist Maria Victoria Ramirez de Arellano Cardona, known as Young MikoYesterday, Thursday, he visited the Spanish “talk show”. “ant nest”. This was the first time that the singer and producer sat next to the presenter Pablo MotoWith whom he can talk about his music career and his love for it soccer And the world of tattoos.

24-year-old Young Miko is one of the most potential female vocalists in Latin rap and trap. During the interview, the Puerto Rican confirmed that she feels that her career is “moving quickly, but it is a good pace.” “In five years, we will be progressing faster, we will continue to grow and gain a lot more music“So I’m also very excited about the future,” she said.


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The singer spoke with Motos about some of her greatest hits like “Riri” and collaborating with the Colombian Fayed, “Classy 101”. Regarding the origin of this song, he said: “I was a fan of Ved for a long time, and my team and I made the song Classy 101.” The next day, by coincidence, he was in AngelsWhere I was and there I met him. And everything came out very naturally, because he’s likable and it was very easy to flow with him.

The Puerto Rican artist also showed her more personal side. She took advantage of this space to talk about her love for tattoos, as she was a tattoo artist before devoting herself to music. “I got my first tattoo on my foot. It was like a spaceship. I don’t know why I thought it was brutal, but two days later, I was crying, remorseful, wondering why he did that to me.”

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In keeping with his passion, he also voiced football. The singer played for the Puerto Rico national team for several years. When asked what it is like to be a footballer in a man’s world, the artist confirmed this “I’ve always been a woman in a man’s world, so I never saw it as something completely new. But when I played women’s football, it was booming then and it still is.”

Young Miko has always distinguished himself as a Defender of collective rights LGTBQ+ And based on Women’s EmpowermentAnd the topics he addressed in many of his songs. The singer, who is openly gay and comes from a religious family, confessed her sexuality to her parents when she was 17 years old. “Even though it was a little difficult for them at first, you say one of your tasks was also to educate them,” Muto said.

The broadcaster asked the artist what advice she would give to someone going through a situation similar to hers, as he is just a teenager. “When I went through it, I would love for someone to tell me that they are my parents, and at the end of the day, they will always be my parents, and they will always love me, and things might take a while. But you’re not the only one who feels that way,” he said.

The singer admitted that she would have loved if someone had told her, when she was 17 years old, “Don’t be afraid to express myself.” That’s the essence of life, you have to let yourself be loved and you have to be yourself because what if we die tomorrow?

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One of Young Miko’s defining characteristics is her originality, something she considers vital for any person. “If we start trying to please everyone, we will end up not pleasing ourselves,” he said. “You have to be yourself because that’s where true happiness comes from,” he added.