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“We are all Cubans, and he is singing in his country.”

“We are all Cubans, and he is singing in his country.”

About the ceremony Tiger This weekend at La Scala in Miami, many conflicting opinions were unleashed on the networks, some strongly criticizing the artist for his constant travels to Cuba, others defending him.

A fan of the Miami reggaeton singer took to the networks to make her point of view and support the singer.

Instagram Capture/Tiger

“I saw some comments on the posts they posted about Tiger’s concert this weekend (…) This is my point of view, I respect everyone’s point of view but I will not remain silent. Whoever goes to Tiger’s concert is a traitor because Located in Cuba“If it is communism and all this stuff that people are asking about,” the young woman begins to say.

According to one of the artist’s fans, people say on the networks that whoever goes to the concert does not have a class or level: “I am one of those who do not have a class or class because I will go to the Tiger concert because.” La Tranca “I love their music. I’m having a great time. I’ve been to a lot of concerts. I love it. It fascinates me.”

Instagram Capture/Claw Millie

He added: “In the end, we are all Cubans. In the end, he is singing in his country, with his fans, there are communists, as everywhere there is everything.”

The young woman stressed that Tiger He sings in Cuba for his peoplewhich has no food, in a place where there is no distraction, and that at least that party brightens the day of many and makes them forget the misery in which they live.

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Without hesitation, the fan supported the artists who wanted to sing on the island: “We can no longer mix artists with politics.”

“Let whoever wants, whoever is able, and whoever was born do it,” referring to those who decided to raise their voice against the dictatorship.

On his Instagram page, Tiger posted the video clip to his followers and wrote in the post’s description: “What comes from the heart, there is no head that can stop it.” “Cubanaza”.

Instagram Capture/Tiger

The reggaeton singer has on multiple occasions been criticized for his trips to Cuba and also for singing in his country, but he has always maintained that he will continue to do so because He likes it.