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Young Cuban musically presents Diaz-Canel's speech in English

Young Cuban musically presents Diaz-Canel’s speech in English

Music producer Marcos Javier Rizzo Beltrán (McPeil) did the music Speech by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel in Englishwhich went viral within a few hours due to its questionable pronunciation.

After a whole night without sleep and several hours in front of the computer, “Sain Bisen Ande Granadins” becomes the penultimate musical production of the young Cuban, who went viral a few months ago with a video of a woman talking about how good life is. in Marianao.

Cybercopa Talk with Macbel, to find out how he picks a video like this one and turns it into a musical, hugely popular work, that critiques the Cuban government with light-hearted humor and contemporary allegories.

Since when did you realize that using internet videos and putting music on them was a good way to mock the Cuban government?

I am not mocking them, they are the only ones to mock. I’m just trying to convey joy in the face of a reality full of pain. It all started with the theme “Delicious Mariano”, which coincidentally was my first topic. Since then, I have been taking advantage of the power of music to bring joy to people.

What is the process for choosing the tempo or the way the musical theme you are about to create will sound?

The whole creative process is mental, I play the video a few times until the perfect idea hits, and then it’s turned into reality.

Other music censors (if you can call them that) use online videos to go viral, but it turns out you have a penchant for political satire. Do you think it is a way to reach people in a more direct way?

They, like me, make music with viral videos, but the fact that in my country the most viral ones are those about politicians speaks for itself.

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Do you think Diaz Canel is a meme?

I’m amazed at how easy it is for a meme to become viral, it is a gift.

You recently left Cuba and you still smell a thermoelectric plant in the process of syncing up, what do you think of the young people who stay there? Do you really want to change?

Change is necessary, but 180 degrees. I know what it’s like to live in Cuba, and it’s like existing just for the sake of existing, without dreams or goals. I worry about everyone who is in Cuba, so much so that the first day I left and saw what the world looked like, my first thought was: They need to get out of there.