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“You have to prioritize health, mood and well-being over appearance.”

“You have to prioritize health, mood and well-being over appearance.”

The welfare of purebred dogs and cats is undermined Fashions that promote extreme shapes. Although official descriptions of breeds require that their distinctive characteristics be consistent with good health, extreme matches, known as hyperspecies, have been promoted.

These excessive types can become incompatible with health. For example, when Flat faces When taken to the extreme, dogs and cats may not be able to breathe normally, affecting all aspects of their lives.

In an article by researchers from Royal Canin We've analyzed this trend and noted that celebrities, social media, and impulse online purchases are fueling this fad in the search for purebred dogs and cats.

“The popularity of properties perceived as beautiful, extravagant and anthropomorphic has increased Breed characteristics are increasingly exaggerated They insist that these products appeal more to aesthetics than to health.

In recent years, this Hyperspeciesassociated with the distinctive appearance of some breeds, It's been taken to the extreme Outside of the intended interpretation of breed standards. “This has serious direct and indirect consequences for health and well-being,” the authors stress.

These extreme conformations are associated with Chronic health conditionsincluding obstructive respiratory syndrome in brachiocephalic breeds and disorders of the eyes, teeth, skin, and skeletal muscles.

They also add that Puppy and kitten farms and illegal dealers That meet the demand for excessive types is linked to poor parenting that neglects the physical, behavioral and mental health of parents and children.

For all these reasons, they believe this is necessary Addressing fashion-based overbreeding, whether illegal or notBecause its negative effects can go beyond what is visible to its owners.

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To protect racing, we must work together

The authors acknowledge that Fashion can directly or indirectly amplify well-being problems, by promoting increasingly exaggerated breed characteristics, fueling irresponsible breeding practices and appealing to aesthetics rather than health, as well as compromising genetic diversity and even threatening the future of the breed. “Many breeds of dogs and cats are distinctive, and breeds can be distinctive without compromising their integrity,” they say.

“The problem is complex and the solution requires many organizations working together. The message is simple: we must.” Prioritize health, mood and well-being Above appearance. Putting this into practice will help protect highly valued ethnic diversity.

That's why they find it necessary Multidimensional approach Which includes cooperation between breeders and geneticists, Owners, vets and dog clubsCat breeders' associations, animal charities, academic and research communities, commercial companies and governments are working to protect the breed and address these challenges.

In this sense they point out that there are many Ongoing initiatives by dog ​​clubs National and international associations to educate pet owners and support responsible pet ownership and sustainable breeding.

“There is no doubt that excessive speciation in dogs and cats of any origin is a welfare concern. However, we believe that Actions targeting super-purebreds are likely to have the greatest impact Given the scope of supervision and regulation, and the general mission of breeders of purebred dogs and cats.”

For the authors, the main aspects of protecting breeds and making them sustainable are: Professionalize responsible pet breeding and ownership. “There are many other stakeholders with shared welfare goals, and there is a need to collaborate in a multidimensional approach so that the health, temperament and well-being of dogs and cats are of paramount importance,” the researchers concluded.

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