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Once again, Balmaceda is at the center of the controversy: they demand "transparency" in the management of public funds

Once again, Balmaceda is at the center of the controversy: they demand “transparency” in the management of public funds

“The Montenegrin government completes the worst cultural administration in Mar del Plata’s history with the worst budget in terms of its three terms so far”confirmed by the Kirchneriya, during the last month, within the framework of the exhibition of the Minister of Culture, Carlos Balmacedaon the Education Committee of the Circulation Board.

Now, another controversy concerns the Montenegrin official. Through a connection project, The All-Front Council members bloc requested clarification from the local executive about the value and means of paying public admission to the Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences of Lorenzo Scalia..

The Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia is located in the Plaza de España, 3099 Libertad Avenue in this city. It was established by municipal decree on February 22, 1938.

Originally called the Florentino Amigino Regional, Historical and Traditional Museum of Mar del Plata, it opened its doors to the community on February 14, 1939, on the third floor of the Municipal Palace, during the administration of Mayor José Camuso.

On May 22, 1948, by order No. 343, the original name was changed to “Municipal Museum of Natural and Traditional Sciences of Mar del Plata”.

On December 4, 1967, the building in which she currently operates was opened, and was finally christened “Lorenzo Scaglia” in honor of the father of the director and coordinator Galileo Scaglia.

The Museum of Natural Sciences in the city of Mar del Plata contains a rich fossil material, consisting of the fossilized remains of organisms that existed millions of years ago, mostly from formations belonging to the third and fourth periods, many of which are unique. cut in the world.

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It can currently be visited on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 4:30pm and on Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm. It remains closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

As stated in Tax Decree 25409/22 of April 19 of this year, on page 33, Article 25 “Office rights”, Subsection G “Culture Secretariat”, Section 1 “Entrance to municipal museums and municipal cultural places”, Section A “Entrance year”, the entrance amount to the Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scalia is $120, indicated in front of everyone.

In accordance with Decree 12197 in Article 2, they added that the Culture District will establish one working day per week, during which entry to museums dependent on the organism will be free for all audience present.

On the official municipality of General Poiridon website, it appears that the general value of admission to the Lorenzo Scalia Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences is $250 in its general category and $200 for residents and retirees.‘, as they detailed from the opposition in the request for reports that Mar del Plata He has access.

On the other hand, they noticed thatDifferent values ​​arise from two official sites at the same rate, and are found to be, in practice, 100% more stressful in their general value to the public than authorized by the municipal ordinance“.

“Currently the only way to pay for tickets is in cash, which makes it difficult to trace and identify the square. They stressed that this situation is of great concern because they are state-provided services, the difference in values ​​of which distorts the transparency of municipal public accounts.

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In conclusion, the Kirchner Council members emphasized that “The mission of this esteemed body is to protect institutional integrity, integrity and transparency in the exercise of public office and to ensure its absolute respect.“.

For all of the above, the Counselors’ bloc and the All-Front Counselors presented a communication project with the aim that the municipal executive administration would detail “the means to implement alternatives to digital and electronic payment and collection for visitors to the Municipal Museum.” Natural Science Lorenzo Scalia”.

In addition, they claimed that the Municipal Secretary of Culture, headed by Carlos Balmaceda, Answer in the shortest possible time the following points related to collecting tickets at the Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia:

a) The municipal agency or agent responsible for collecting entry tickets and collection.
b) The reasons for the discrepancy of $130.00 between the amount of admission to municipal museums resulting from Tax Decree No. 25409 and the value of admission to the Scaglia Museum published on the official website of the municipality.
c) A comprehensive breakdown of the budget between what was collected and what was spent in the 2021-2022 fiscal year allocated to the Museum.
d) The reason why the museum is not open full time on Saturdays and Sundays.
e- The day determined by the Ministry of Culture by virtue of Decree No. 12197 on which entry to the museum will be free.