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Jaime Perzik: "You have to watch the World Cup in schools"

Jaime Perzik: “You have to watch the World Cup in schools”

Minister of Education for the Nation, Jaime Perzic

Four months after starting FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022Minister of Education for the Nation, Jaime PerzicSchools should broadcast football matches. “You have to do that and fill it with content”pointed out.

in conversation with AM990the government official of Alberto Fernandez announced that the World Cup “It is a sporting but cultural event of extraordinary size” who – which ‘For Argentines doubled’. “Therefore, the school has to transmit culture”Justify Birzek who added it “Children in Argentina are asking to watch the World Cup matches.”

“It seems to me that you have to watch the games and you have to act in the sense of relating them to matters of moral training, the natural sciences and the social sciences.”He continued and affirmed: “You have to do that and fill it with content.”

In this sense, the head of the educational dossier expressed that for the “single sporting fact” that the world football event meant, he owed it “Fill in with international content for the transmission of culture”. Although Qatar 2022 covers the last phase of the school year, for the minister it is “very important that this happens in a democratic and collective way in schools”.

The World Cup kicks off on November 21 at 7am and Senegal-Netherlands will be the opening match. It will be a holiday for tourism purposes, but the next day, Tuesday 22nd, Argentina will make their debut – also at 7 am – against Saudi Arabia. The next group stage matches for Lionel Scaloni will be on Saturday the 26th at 4:00 pm against Mexico and on Wednesday the 30th at 4:00 pm against Poland.

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In fact, only two matches of the first phase of Qatar 2022 will be played during school hours. Regarding how the transmission of parties in schools will be determined, the minister announced that there will be “national regulations for the Federal Education Council”. “It is not the game in the morning than it was in the afternoon, it is in the elementary level than in the secondary level”pointed out.

The Argentine national team will make its debut on November 22 in Qatar 2022 (Reuters)
The Argentine national team will make its debut on November 22 in Qatar 2022 (Reuters)

Controversy over the use of inclusive language

The nation’s education minister once again referred to the controversy that arose from the ban on the use of inclusive language by the city of Buenos Aires. For Birzek, this is a “wrong discussion” and “meaningless” because it “goes beyond education.”

“Why do men use that language? Because there is a case of profound injustice, of not being able to nominate someone who is not an ‘A’ or an ‘O’; there is a case of discrimination,” the official analyzed.

“Boys use that language to denounce and fight this discrimination, which is unfair.”commented.

Inclusion of an extra hour in the day after the winter vacation

Tucuman, Santa Cruz, Chaco and CatamarcaAnd the They agreed with the national government to add a fifth hour to the school day. Birzec spoke about it and announced that in the next few days the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Salta and Misiones will join in adding an hour of classes in their public elementary schools after the winter break.

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“Having a week with 25 class hours gives you that at the end of the year the boys get an extra 38 days of classes, which is solid, very important numbers that we have to guarantee,” he endorsed the measure. “We hope it will be a progressive but structural measure and that schools will integrate school hours across the country,” the minister added.

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