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Yon de Luisa will not run for re-election as president of the Mexican Football Federation

Yon de Luisa will not run for re-election as president of the Mexican Football Federation

Rene Tovar | Omar Flores AldanaReading: 3 minutes.

Yon de Luisa took over in 2018 and was responsible for talking his counterparts from the United States and Canada into votes in naming the 2026 World Cup.

John de Louisa He will not run for re-election to the presidency Mexican Football Federationwhich is scheduled to be held next May, at the Owners Association MX Leaguevarious sources reported to ESPN.

The director was elected president of Mexican Football Federation In 2018 and every year its operation has been evaluated. Now, the president has resigned for re-election, with an irrevocable nature.

By not continuing to lead the Mexican Football Federation, John de Louisa He will continue to serve as Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the World Cup and will continue to act as a liaison between fmf and the FIFA.

Inside, as reported by the journalist from ESPNMauricio Ymay, still president fmf Upset at being left out of decisions made in the restructuring of Mexican football, such as the arrival of Rodrigo Aris de Parga to Mexican national teams.

Yon de Luisa has stated that he hopes to get the new DT for the Mexico national team for the next FIFA appointmentImago 7

In May were the candidates for the presidency fmf They will be voted on by the owners’ council.

John de Louisa He was the one responsible for leading the nomination Mexico for the World Cup 2026 And now he continues to participate in the organization of the World Cup.

Today, chief Mexican Football FederationThe engineer. John de LouisaHe informed all members of the owners’ council of his decision not to run for re-election as president fmf For a period of four years 2023-2026, so that whoever holds this position adapts to the new vision and goals fmf“.

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The next Owners Assembly is scheduled for May, meanwhile Yon de Luisa retains his responsibilities at the helm fmf“.”John de Louisa He reiterated his commitment to football MexicoTherefore, he will continue to occupy the positions granted to him as a member of the FIFA and Concacaf Councils.

Louise He held different positions in Mexican football, in 2011 he was president of the organizing committee of the U-17 World Cup and in 2012 he was appointed president of the football committee of Televisa.

among trusted persons John de Louisa There’s Jaime Urdiales, who is currently the manager of the Mexican men’s national teams. The manager was in Guatemala and is now back straight to Mexico City.

during his tenure, Mexico He won the gold cup, the bronze medal at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, but blamed the failure of the elimination in the under-20 primandial tournament, the failure to qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, and the elimination in the group stage in Qatar. 2022.