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Ayer terminó la tregua dada por las pandillas al gobierno de Haití

Yesterday, the truce granted by the gangs to the Haitian government expired

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry called on Thursday for the need to create a stable climate for elections in a country marked by a deepening social and political crisis following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7.

Henry said in a speech commemorating the 218th anniversary of the Battle of Vertiers.

Henry, Haiti’s highest authority after the assassination, asked his compatriots to put “the supreme interests of the nation above any dispute,” only on the day the one-week truce offered by the most powerful armed group in Haiti expires. Fanmi e Alye to facilitate fuel distribution.

Ariel Henry wants to talk
“Some time ago, I had a dialogue with the social and political organizations that are my backbone. This allowed me to reach a broad consensus, a political agreement for effective and peaceful governance, the benefits of which accrue to all the daughters and sons of the nation.

The Prime Minister indicated that he will “persevere” on this approach “with determination and perseverance”, convinced that this path of dialogue and consensus “will lead us to a successful conclusion.”

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