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Xbox has collaborated with three groups of indigenous artisans in Mexico to design three unique consoles in the world

Xbox has collaborated with three groups of indigenous artisans in Mexico to design three unique consoles in the world

Microsoft announced a special collaboration in Mexico With three groups of original craftsmen in a frame International Day of Indigenous Peoples, so they can use the Xbox console as a “canvas” and it’s part of their culture.

Xbox has clarified that these controls will not be for sale They consider them to be literal pieces for collecting, with items representing different cultures and their expressions. The company considers them to be one-of-a-kind pieces that pay homage to the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

Hoycol, Nayarit

The first control was interfered with Huichol . technique by the craftsmen they collaborate with coquette, a Mexican brand that makes many products using this type of technology that can range from bottles to soccer helmets or superhero figures.

Grisela Carillo Carillo, a Huichol craftsman who collaborates with Cukate, was responsible for one of the controls:

“The symbols we fertilize in each piece have meaning, like the corn that is prosperity, the butterfly that is good luck, the eye of God that protects children, the scorpion that protects the houses and the deer who is the god of the ocean.”

Huichol 1

Olinalá, Guerrero

The second control was carried out by craftsmen from the training unit to save, preserve and improve the art of painting Olinalá, from Olinalá Job Training Institute (ICAT – Olinalá).

Olinala 1 . control

They point out that the pictorial figures reflect a cultural and historical exchange between the East and the European. Francisco Coronel Redon, highlights The technique of “gilding” with the natural pigments they made:

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“The elements that control are roses, flowers and leaves that we call branched. We used some of the colors we know of as spring so that the control was seen with improvement, life and beautiful colors. The materials we use in this technique called ‘gold’ are natural pigments that we make ourselves”

Olinala 1

Tenango, Hidalgo

To finish, we have another controller designed by our craftsmen Tinangos what is it, highlighting the colors that inspire the feelings of the artisans who embroidered them.

Tenango Control 1

Hortensio Vargas Seville, the painter who collaborates with Tenangos Ma Hoi, highlighted the controls:

“The expression of Tenangos is a reaction from our environment, from the elements we have in the area.”

Tenango 1