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With the birth rate falling, 2023 will be the worst year in six decades

With the birth rate falling, 2023 will be the worst year in six decades

Cuba's birth crisis in 2023. Last year, the island recorded its worst birth record in six decades, according to government sources.

Cuba is facing an unprecedented demographic crisis. The year 2023 recorded the lowest birth rate during the past six decades, with about 90,300 births, according to what the authorities reported during a meeting of the government committee concerned with the matter.

“The Cuban population has maintained its tendency toward aging and natural decline,” includes a report by the party’s press team presidency. In fact, seniors are the only demographic group that has grown in recent years in the country.

Although the authorities acknowledge their concerns about the problem, they have not announced concrete measures to reverse the trend. Instead, they limited themselves to pointing out the need to review the situation and think about strategies.

Low birth rate in Cuba: Who wants to give birth amid the crisis?

In this regard, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero noted that “in this scenario, a change in mentality is required in understanding, paying attention to and controlling the demographic situation in the country.” Solutions must be sought from local resources, and indicators reflecting progress and shortcomings must be monitored. He insisted that this was a “priority” matter for his government, although they did not say how to reverse the situation.

He added: “We are talking about the government's expectations to correct the distortions, and here the distortions are many, and reactivating the economy in this matter fulfills everything we proposed, because all of this directly affects the population.”

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Cuba's deep economic crisis has a direct impact on the country's birth rate. Increasing numbers of women are postponing pregnancy or not immediately considering having children due to difficulties in obtaining adequate housing, food, medicine and other basic products.

The exodus of migrants during the past three years has left a negative balance on the country's demographic situation.

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