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With Aeromexico's Yes, Palmarola confirms three low cost airlines

With Aeromexico’s Yes, Palmarola confirms three low cost airlines


Aeromexico International Airport is the third international airline to ensure the delivery of flights Palmerola, Located Comayagua, Central Zone.

For now, the airlines that decided to do Flights From Palmerola Spirit, Volaris and Aeromexico.

The third lowest priced airline is coming on Monday, announcing it will be running Palmerola It Aeromexico“, The president confirmed Juan Orlando Hernandez.


Yesterday, heads of show shiners, taxi drivers, several service personnel, porters, and others toured the new terminal from Doncontin.

In addition, he announced that a fourth airline was already interested in coming to the new airport, which will be operational in October. “We are going to be a very competitive country in terms of air ticket prices Honduras According to Hernandez, he wants to play in the best leagues in the world. The President referred to the controversy Dankanton He also assured that no one would close it with the Palmerola opening scheduled for 43 days.

As of yesterday, work on the terminal was more than 90% advanced. Currently jobs focus on installing pottery on the floor, placing furniture, cables for lighting and interior sound at the terminal.

Five machines were installed at the research center, with two type 3 luggage and four cargo terminals, full body scanners and surveillance cameras.

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