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William Levy’s Mother’s Day letter did not mention Elizabeth Gutierrez

William Levy’s Mother’s Day letter did not mention Elizabeth Gutierrez

After a strong media storm, calm came.

Elizabeth Gutierrez They reappeared on their networks with their new projects and William Levi He did it with his daughter Kylie LevyWhich proves that their relationship is flawless. The smiles of both of them made it more than clear.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the actor wanted to send a message to all the women who play this role, especially those close to him.

William Levi.

Heat mix

The artist was the most smiling and happy to be with the women he loves and admires as mothers, and he congratulated them in front of all his followers. Among them are his mother, sister, and Mima, whose soul is in heaven.

He also sent a message to all mothers for their wonderful work, but he stopped mentioning the mother of his children, which was expected.

“Today is a very special day and I want to send my greetings to all the mothers in this world, they are so loved, congratulations. Especially to my mother, to my grandmother, who is with Diosito, I love you so much Mima, now my little sister I love you!

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Always surrounded by his family and loved ones, William seemed happy, smiling and determined to be happy.

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