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Why was Tekashi 6ix9ine arrested in the Dominican Republic?

Why was Tekashi 6ix9ine arrested in the Dominican Republic?

Tekashi 6ix9ine can’t stay away from controversy.

On the night of Sunday, October 15 The 27-year-old rapper – whose real name is Daniel Hernandez – was arrested in the Dominican Republic after He surrendered himself to the authorities “voluntarily”So The singer’s lawyer Andres Toribio confirmed. Via social networks.

“I declare my sponsorship of Daniel Hernandez (Tekashi) He voluntarily surrendered to the authorities,So we will not believe in any kind of illegal actions, and the simulation of the alleged raid is not good. Raids are suitable for many…“, The lawyer pointed through spreviously Twitter.

Why was Tekashi 6ix9ine arrested in the Dominican Republic?

according to Report for The opinion, The artist is of Mexican origin He was outside his hotel when local Dominican authorities handcuffed him. The ceremony was witnessed by a number of the artist’s fans who were outside the venue.

Tekashi’s arrest comes days later Singer Diamond La Mafia will accuse 6ix9ine of physically assaulting two of her producers on October 12, as well as Yailin La Más Viral, With whom will Tekashi have a romantic relationship?

6ix9ine just arrived at the studio, my studio, and He attacked all my producers because I was writing a song with Yaelyn, I write him a song, and he disrupts (hit) everyone, but I had just left (…) Yalin, I’m so sorry, You know everything was done from the heart, but it’s not even for me, it’s for the kidsI have to support them,” psaid the Dominican artist Through a He lives On his Instagram accounthe suggests The attack was a result of 6ix9ine’s jealousy.

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Yailin’s most viral response: Did Tekashi hit her?

Despite Diamond’s accusations, La Mafia, hours before the arrest… Yailin La Más Viral shared on social media that she was “fine” and that she had not been “abused”; Without adding anything else about it.