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Why ChatGPT should not be used as a web search engine

Why ChatGPT should not be used as a web search engine

The ChatGPT database, which is limited to information until 2022, lacks real-time updates. (EFE/EPA/Wu Hao)

After the emergence of the artificial intelligence model ChatGPTA misconception has also arisen among many users that this chat system is an alternative to the chat system Internet searches traditional.

Let us remember that this chatbot Can answer questions on a wide range of topics and provide information and explanations. also, Text production Coherent and well-organized reports, articles, letters, emails, etc.

However, it has notable differences with a search engine that crawls indexed web pages that relate to the user’s request which is It is constantly updated Based on new content on the network to return results ranked according to their importance.

ChatGPT offers fast responses, but lacks constant updating and specialization for web searches. (Photo: Hannes B. Albert/DPA)

Actually, in the case of ChatGPT, it doesn’t work that way because it doesn’t have the ability to query Internet It is real-time and the information it generates is based on the data it has been trained with up to that point, which includes the current moment Contents until 2022.

Even the chatbot itself answers when asked about something current, which is He can’t reach to the latest news and cannot provide information about current events, as a search engine does.

In particular, the free form GPT-3.5 to OpenAIcan be accessed through the website of OpenAIdemonstrates this restriction when asked about recent events, such as the launch The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears Or winners of sporting events such as power Wave Women’s FIFA World Cup.

ChatGPT has changed the way we interact with AI, but it does not replace the role of search engines. (EFE/Rainer R. Peña)

Despite the convenience and novelty offered by new generative AI models, it is important to keep in mind that… They train with information from the Internetare not always verified or reliable.

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hypothesis “Garbage in, garbage out.” It highlights the problem of data provenance, because if an AI model is trained with errors, this will affect its judgments and results.

In fact, despite the advanced linguistic capabilities of models like GPT-3.5 And GPT-4,There are incidents where failure to verify the truth has been ,known as Hallucinations.

In addition, the level of privacy of user input (summoned)also plays a crucial role in the accuracy of chatbot responses.

Unclear or brief prompts can lead to inaccurate responses, so it is suggested that for a better experience, the user should engage with these systems in an informed and detailed way to maximize their potential and reduce the risk of errors.

The importance of a critical stance and independent verification of sources is highlighted when using AI chatbots in specialist consultations. (Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration/archive photo)

Chatbots love ChatGPT They avoid citing their sources in favor of a conversational experience, which can be a problem when the validity of the information is vital, as is the case in health and professional consulting.

Although it simplified the process of searching for information,… Absence of references It poses a challenge to confirm data.

For example, when asked what The largest bird in the world He gave a correct answer, but did not provide sources or important details for verification.

The danger of trusting unverified data became clear in an incident that occurred in… Reddit Regarding health advice based on false information, stressing the need to maintain the level of criticism and search for reliable sources on matters of importance.

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Bing AIFor its part, it attempts to back up its claims with links to online sources and a more up-to-date database provided by GPT-4.

while GPT Plus ChatChatGPT, the subscription version, also offers the ability to cite sources thanks to its direct Internet connection.

However, the importance of reviewing cited sources, even when using these more advanced tools, is essential to avoid making decisions based on misinformation, especially on critical matters such as health, education, and meaningful life directions.