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NASA shows with video what cargo deliveries to future lunar colonies will look like

NASA shows with video what cargo deliveries to future lunar colonies will look like

Future missions on our satellite will need materials and cargo delivery systems to explore its surface and reach new destinations.

Artificial intelligence recreation of the lunar transportation system.

Of all NASA’s missions, current and future, without a doubt, the Artemis mission is one of the most important for the North American space agency. Now, we also know what it is NASA plans When settling Satellite explorers Already working on its surface.

This is the Commercial Lunar Payload Services Initiative

Under the name CLPSwhich will be translated Commercial lunar payload servicesNASA showed us Tractor Which we tell you below represents one of the great desires of this and every other space agency: to be able to conquer the Moon and create Continuous transportation system Between our planet and the satellite.

The intention of the American space agency is Working together with private companiesWe are 14 So far, in order to create The constant flow of technology and scienceThis allows us to deepen the study of the Moon and future missions that include reaching new destinations in the stars.

the a pot He has a habit of looking at the horizon in the long term, and after placing a woman and a black person on the surface of the moon, he intends to build a tower. Permanent foundation On its surface, where Astronauts From different parts of the planet you will work on them Different missionsJust as is currently happening on the International Space Station.

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Delivery of goods has already been planned, highlighting the arrival Rover Viper to the moon Next yearoperated by Astrobot, or Draper, which transmits to Schrödinger nozzle diverse Scientific material For the year 2025. In addition, there are more recognized companies such as SpaceXthey are also regular partners in spatial organization.

a Transportation system Like the ones created by NASA Vital importance for future space explorationThe agency also confirms in the video it published:

This high-risk, high-reward initiative will capitalize on and harness the entrepreneurial spirit of American innovation to unlock breakthrough, commercial, and exploratory technology for all of us (…) and enable new measurements and advance technologies discovered by scientists. Waiting a long time to recreate on the moon.

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NASA shows with video what cargo deliveries to future lunar colonies will look likea pot

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