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Why are the streets of Havana empty?

Why are the streets of Havana empty?

A Cuban asked himself on social networks Why are the streets of Havana empty? It received hundreds of responses recalling everything from the fuel crisis to the evacuation of people.

In the group Facebook is today’s Vedado, user Rafael Argiz said he didn’t understand why there were no people on the streets of such a central Havana neighborhood. The post has over 300 comments and nearly 500 interactions.

Facebook is today’s Vedado

“You see some people on the streets of El Vedado and anywhere people live. There are a lot of people. Sadness in this country They don’t even want to talk about it. Cubans have lost faith, which is the last thing a man can lose. “Cuba is an intensive care patient with a poor prognosis for life, not to mention a corpse, because the rest are still alive,” one said.

There were also references in the comments Economic inflation Rising prices make people stay at home and avoid going out to consume. “Cuba is on fire Never dreamed of entering a paladar, a canteen, an MSME or any business.”

Facebook Patricia González

“The problems are many, No trafficOffers are low quality and most of the time very expensive, regardless of size Youth who gave money to the country” commented another.

This criterion is supported by real data. In FY 2023 More than 200,000 Cubans crossed the border from the United States and Mexico. In 2022 there were more than 224,000. Nearly half a million people have left the island, counting only those who migrated north.

Some users point to the migration crisis as “the result of Castro’s communism” and blame the government for leaving the country.

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Cuba is a ghost country “Its youth is gone,” one said, “and the empty streets are lined with sad faces of youth without a future, families torn apart, dictators in power and a city in ruins.”

Some comments also indicate Feeling insecure It lives on the island. “Crime is taking over the streets. They’re walking around with knives and machetes,” said one.

“There is Fear and sadness. There are nice places but the prices are not in line with the average Cuban. This is difficult because Cubans are happy and very friendly. It is painful to see the empty streets. We are wonderful but we need to change for the good of all,” they opined.

Facebook is Cuban entertainment

The concept of deserted Cuban streets is not new. It has been warned for years Less use of public space becomes particularly significant. People are locked in their houses.

In mid-April The fuel crisis presented a similar picture in many cities For the coronavirus pandemic when staying at home was mandatory. The streets were completely empty and remain so today.