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The US government is on its way to another Girón ›World› Granma

The enthusiasm of Republican senators for Florida, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, who introduced the “Patria y Vida” bill on Friday, is not surprising, in line with their leaflet rhetoric.

The legislative proposal, which is said to have been created “to oppose cyber censorship in dictatorial countries, including Cuba,” promotes freedom of expression in repressive regimes to allow and maintain the ability of various federal agencies to provide Internet access overseas, or in the event of internal disturbances.

The plan allows the Central Intelligence Agency to quickly send funds to companies and networks that provide tools to “avoid the censorship and control of dictatorial governments.”

The language used may mislead some careless, but in reality we are talking about companies and organizations that provide their services to the CIA in the field of cyberwarfering. Sovereignty of third countries.

Meanwhile, Jake Sullivan, the US presidential national security adviser, agrees with election obedience to those who move anti – Cuban strings in Florida, pointing out to CNN on Sunday that “circumstances have changed.” Policy on Cuba after the July 11 protests, therefore, the United States is reconsidering its options.

Nothing else can be Pharisee. The US aggressive policy on Cuba has been in place since the 1st of last month. January 1959 and is always based on the pride and inability of those who are not satisfied with what they have lost and feeds their hateful nostalgia.

Because of these variations in history, the scene of the 1960s seems to be recurring, with a democratic government suffering the most humiliating defeat in the sands of Playa Cron, the “heir” to the invasion plans drawn up by its Republican forerunners. . Anyone who sacrifices so much and tries to steal the freedom we have gained cannot wait for anything.

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