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Why Adamari López Wasn't a Model |  celebrity nnda nnlt |  Chica

Why Adamari López Wasn’t a Model | celebrity nnda nnlt | Chica

There is no doubt that his charisma and empathy waste him They have made her one of the most beloved TV personalities; In addition to her role as an actress and jury on “Así se baila”, she has been responsible for putting the audience in the pocket.

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A position that the TV presenter did not miss either, and she is very active in her social networks, where she publishes her daily activities. accurately, On his Instagram account, he took the opportunity to cause a stir with a clip of him appearing in a half-open dress with vertical stripes in blue and white.Which means he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Although she takes an overwhelming look at the camera, like a professional model, Puerto Rican did not miss this opportunity to tell why she did not dedicate herself to the world of modeling before acting. Then, we’ll tell you why.

The actress takes some of the topics involving weight gain with humor (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)


Adamari told Lopez why he can’t shine in the modeling world. While getting dressed in the kitchen, she briefly released the following sentence: “I was going to be a model, but I met coffee with bread and loved it”.

This is how Alaa’s mother used to humorously deal with the extra weight she suffered from for a whileAnd although at first she did not pay attention to questions and criticism, she decided to change for the sake of her health and her daughter.

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With this it turns out that the heroine of “Friends and Rivals” has no problem pointing out that she has a certain weakness in certain foods, but now she consumes them responsibly.

After several months of undergoing a rigorous exercise routine and eating healthy food, Adamari López is showing a renewed figure (Photo: altaimages/Instagram)
After several months of undergoing a rigorous exercise routine and eating healthy food, Adamari López is showing a renewed figure (Photo: altaimages/Instagram)

How did Adamare Lopez react to weight gain in an old video?

Adamari Lopez knows all she has achieved to get the look she currently has and continues to take care of her health day in and day out.; However, when I watched a video of her with several extra pounds, she reacted a certain way.

Far from feeling ashamed of being overweight, talk about how goals one sets for oneself can be achieved, especially if they relate to health and self-esteem issues.

“I came across this video a while ago when I was just starting to exercise and the truth is: ‘I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished! “It was not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort. I hope to encourage you to make the decision.”She was very proud of the results and how they look now.

As is known, having decided to lose weight, Adamari Lopez lost more than 14 kilograms. “Thanks to the focus and resources you’ve given me over the past 22 months, I’ve lost 32 pounds.”Adamari Lopez said.