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Vicente Fernandez who or who will be his heirs?

Vicente Fernandez who or who will be his heirs?

Vicente Fernandez He was going to build a fortune with his career of more than 45 years in the entertainment world, after his recent departure and the amount of his assets, questions arise as to who or who will be his heirs?

the singerAnd Vicente Fernandez He was going to amass a huge fortune according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, “Charo de HuentitanIt would add up to $25 million.

the “idol ranchera musicVicente Fernandez Gomez departed on Sunday at 06:15 am after suffering stronger complications that prevented his recovery.

Vicente Fernandez, since last August 6 at Country 2000 Hospital, a hospital in Guadalajara, western Mexico.

Vicente Fernandez, revealed how his inheritance will be distributed? Photo: Instagram Capture

The man born in Huentitán, El Alto, Jalisco, on February 17, 1940, had made a fortune as a result of recording more than 50 albums and thirty films, thousands of concerts, and a prolific business related to the sale of horses and various properties.

Apparently, journalist Olga Wrnat, who has devoted herself to investigating the Fernandez dynasty, confirmed that the main benefactor is Gerardo Fernandez, the youngest of the “Three little horses‘, a descendant of Vicente and his wife Coquita.

As the journalist argues, Gerardo has been managing the finances of his family for several years.

Unlike his two brothers, Alejandro and Vicente Jr., Gerardo is not as well known and has stayed out of the limelight, like Alejandra, the niece of “Coquita” whom the couple adopted to be their daughter.

Gerardo has made the family business grow and in addition to ‘protecting’ his father’s assets, he too”businessman”, from the excesses of his brothers, they assert.

“Alejandro Fernandez is out of the will”

According to a previous Tv Notes publication, it was supposed to announce that “El Potrillo” was to be denied inheritance by the 81-year-old celebrity, after he was asked to leave the excesses.

“Don Vicente, I spoke to him to the point of nausea. He begged him to desist from the transgressions, but Alejandro sees no reason; though he promised he would leave the party, he could not and hurt Don Vicente, because Dona Coquita pushes broken dishes, whenever Learning about a scandal in which she was involved, she is getting sick, ”according to the magazine.

Similarly, Wornat asserts that the main beneficiary of the will is Vicente’s wife, Refugio Abarca, known as “Doña Cuquita” with whom he has been in love for over 58 years and with whom he has three children and many grandchildren.

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